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9 Tips To Get Rid Of Bronchitis Cough



In many ways, bronchitis is a lot like a cold. It`s usually caused by a virus, so an antibiotic won`t do you much good, It is also sometimes caused by bacteria that is relatively rare but some doctors will still prescribe an antibiotic for it,  So be sure to ask  why he or she believes it should  an important part of your treatment.

There are two types of bronchitis acute, and chronic. Acute bronchitis most of the time will go away on its own in a week or two, but chronic suffers can cough and wheeze for months. Either way, to get rid of a bronchitis cough you have to let it take its course, but in the meantime, there are a  few simple tips to help breath easier while you have it .



Stop smoking; It`s the most important thing you can do especially if you are a chronic suffer.Quit smoking and your chances of getting rid of your bronchitis go up dramatically. 90 to 95 percent of chronic bronchitis is due directly to smoking, so bronchitis  will improve if you stop smoking.


Get active about second-hand smoke.Avoid those who smoke, and if your spouse smokes get him or her to stop because other peoples smoking could be causing your bronchitis . You need to avoid all tobacco smoke even if you don`t smoke you are doing what it called passive smoking and that can give you bronchitis.


Keep the fluids flowing. Drinking fluids help the mucus become more watery and easier to cough up. Four to six glasses of fluids day will do a good job on breaking it up. Warm liquids or just plain water is best. However avoid caffeine or alcohol beverages, because they are a diuretics they make you urinate more, which will actually cause more loss in  fluids than you gain.


Breathe in warm moist air. Warm moist air will also help vaporize  the mucous. If you have mucus that is thick or difficult to cough up a vaporizer will help loosen the secretions . You can also stand in your bathroom, close the door. then run your shower, breathing in the warm mist that steams up your bathroom.


Don`t throw in the towel. Drape it over the sink. Steam inhalation from the bathroom sink is very helpful. Fill the sink with hot water, put a towel  over your head and the sink, creating a tent and then inhale the steam for 5 to 10 minutes every couple of hours.


Listen to your cough. Is is a productive or a nonproductive cough, one where you cough up a lot sputum. You don`t really want to suppress a cough completely because what is in the lungs has to come out and is the lungs way of getting rid of it themselves .


If your cough is nonproductive  that is if you are not coughing up anything then it`s ok  to take a cough medicine to get rid of a bronchitis cough .
Nutritional And Herbal Supplements: Doses Experts Recommend

Beta-carotene helps to heal mucous membranes . Take 5.000 international units three times a day till you recover.
Vitamin C and bioflavonoids have anti- inflammatory properties.Take 500 milligrams of each three times a day till you are better.

Zinc helps boost the immune system and speed recovery. Take 15 milligrams twice a day for as long as the symptoms last. Take zinc with food to prevent stomach upset.

Herbal Treatment
Astragalus acts to stimulate the immune system and also stimulates the regeneration of bronchial cells. Take 500 milligrams three times a day.

Yellow or green mucus is often a sign of infection. Echinacea and goldenseal and garlic form an antibiotic mixture that is very effective in resolving the infection. Take 250 to 500 milligrams of echinacea and 150 to 300 milligrams of goldenseal and the equivalent of 500 milligrams of fresh garlic four times a day while the infection is acute. If the infection is not resolved in one week consult your physician.

Slippery elm tea can ease a dry cough. Take one cup as needed



  • Medical Alert: Bronchitis requires a doctor`s attention when;
  • Your cough is getting worse, not better after a week
  • You have a fever or coughing up blood
  • You are older and get a hacking cough on top of other illnesses
  • You are short of breath and have a profuse cough



How To Easily Remove Tartar From Your Teeth At Home



If you take your fingernail and scrape it gently across the inside of one of your molars, you will notice white stuff under your fingernails.That substance is known as plaque. It is a sticky film of living and dead bacteria that grows on your teeth.

When plaque isn`t removed it can harden 50 percent within 48 hours,becoming rock hard after 12 days.That rock called calculus is more commonly known as tartar, and there are lots of reasons as to why you don`t want either one of them to coat your teeth. Not only do your teeth look and feel ugly they also begin to smell from the bacteria.

If plaque and tartar are left to harden on your teeth and gums  over time you can develop another condition known as gingivitis and periodontal disease. As much as we would like to remove tarter from our teeth at home it really is impossible once it is there, so that is why we have to look for a professional cleaning to take care of it for us.


However, the good news is we can remove plaque. And by getting the plaque off our teeth we can prevent a lot of tarter buildup from happening. Removing plaque can be done quite easily but it must be done on a daily basis  and done in the right way to prevent it from turning into tartar.


The most important tool is your brush , so think of your toothbrush as your sword and plaque as the enemy and what we want to do is to rub the enemy out with the friction of the toothbrush because it disrupts  the bacterial  plaque on the teeth as long as it is done correctly


Most of us have been taught to brush up and down or back and forth but that isn`t .the correct way. What you need to do is turn your brush so the bristles are at a 45-degree angle to the area where your tooth and gum meet, meaning the gum around your tooth, Very gently wiggle your brush in small circles , covering one or two teeth at a time.


Just remember to attack from the back because the back of your lower teeth is where the plaque is most likely to hide. Too much emphasis have been put on brushing on the smile surfaces, the upper teeth which are fairly accessible but less on the areas where the teeth come in contact with the tongue and cheek are neglected, the area where you should be putting most of your efforts on.


Take two minutes to brush your teeth. Most of us brush the smile area and give the rest of the teeth a quick once over. Studies show that most of us spend on average about  30 seconds which falls short of the two minutes that experts recommend


Don`t let a days worth of debris sleep in your mouth. If you can only brush once a day it is better to do it at night  otherwise you will give your plaque 8 uninterrupted hours to settle in and do what it does best creating more plaque and tartar.


Buy a brush that fits. Think small when you choose your toothbrush because you want to reach all sides of your teeth including those at the very back of your mouth. Using a big brush won`t get the job done any faster and it won`t reach all the nooks and crannies those dirty germs like to hide in.


Choose soft round bristles. Soft nylon bristles are easier on tooth enamel but just as tough on removing plaque. Bristles should be rounded not sculptured because they are often sharp and may cut your gums. Also, hold your brush like a pen grip instead of a more common tennis racket grip. It produces less gum abrasion and healthier gums and still gets rid of the plaque, and is an easy way to prevent and  remove tartar from your teeth at home.


How you floss is important. When it comes to plaque control, flossing is more important that brushing and it must be done here is how. Break off 18 inches of floss and wind one end around the middle finger of one hand and the other end around  the same finger of the other hand, leaving about an inch of floss between them. Using a gentle back and forth motion, pass the floss between two teeth. When the floss gets to the gum line curve it in a C against one tooth and slide the floss between the gum and the tooth till you feel some resistance. Curve it around the other tooth the same way. Scrape floss downward on upper teeth  and upward on lower teeth,.


Don`t snap that floss up and down in and out of your gums as if you popping plaque to death, because you are whipping your gum tissue too. Slow down and take your time. Remember floss is floss so find one you like and use it. It does n`t matter if it is flavored, unflavored waxed or unwaxed, string , or tape. However  People who have spaces between their teeth may prefer tape, or the flavoring  may make you feel fresher but all in all they work the same no matter what type of floss you choose.  If you run out of floss use ordinary sewing  thread and use it the same way as floss.


Try the old standby baking soda. Dip your brush in soda or mix a tablespoon  of soda with a pinch of salt in a cup of water then wet your brush and scrub. Or you can use water alone just wet your brush and go after the plaque


 If you can`t brush after every meal or have toothpaste handy then just swish a mouthful of water around your teeth. One good swish will remove most of the debris that can  accumulate after a meal which may save you from an embarrassing moment.


Gently hose down your teeth and gums with a dental sprayer such as a water pik which helps remove food from between the teeth. But remember if you use enough water pressure to blast the plaque it may hurt your gums. It is also not a replacement for a toothbrush or floss if you want to win the war on plaque.


Try and electric brush. Forget the conventional toothbrushes that vibrate the plaque off your teeth. There are new electric toothbrushes with bristles that rotate while the stem remains still. There are several brands for sale such as Interplak, Roda Dent. They work the brushes used by hygienists and they are the perfect instrument for people who have arthritis or those who are handicapped that prevent them from using a regular brush effectively.


According to research these brushes remove as much has 98.2 %of plaque from the tooth surface versus as little as 48.6 % removed by hand brushing. So with a few tips and the right instruments  you too can  easily remove tartar from your teeth at home  to enjoy a whiter and brighter smile.










Tips On How To Overcome Tiredness And Fatigue


What Is the hidden problem that makes most women tired.? Do you wish that you could shake that sluggish feeling, and focus more easily? Getting more iron in your diet may just do the trick. Research show that  nearly one in five women gets less than the daily minimum 18 mg  of this essential mineral and even with a borderline deficiency can trigger fatigue and fuzzy heaviness. But there is good news, you can get still get your fill by just incorporating a few things into your diet help  to overcome tiredness and fatigue.



Eat more iron rich meat. All meat has iron but certain cuts like chicken and turkey thighs and drumsticks are higher in this mineral so eat more dark meat. If you prefer steak, then look at the color, the darker it is the more iron it contains so when buying beef pick a cut such as a chuck- eye steak to help meet your daily requirements when it comes to iron


Eating more cooked veggies than raw is healthier A new study found that boiling or steaming vegetables like spinach, broccoli, green, red or yellow peppers helps to release their nutrients, including iron. It was found that you absorb up to 30% more iron than if you ate those same foods raw. Tip only cook what you`ll eat, cause research also shows that leftover vegetables lose even more of their iron content when they are refrigerated.


Hold off on the coffee and tea. You may well be eating lots of iron rich foods but still can have a deficiency if you drink coffee and tea. Research shows that coffee can block 39% of iron absorption while tea blocks 64 %. What’s the solution?  Researchers say wait two and half hours after eating before drinking anything caffeinated. If you can`t wait then sip a glass of red wine or take a 5 mg lycopene  supplement with your meal. Studies show that this compound which gives red grapes and tomatoes its color can reverse the iron robbing effects of the caffeine.


B`s to the rescue for increasing energy. Because our body uses B12 and folic acid (another form of B vitamin) to carry oxygen to red blood cells being low on either one of them can cause the same tiring effects of an iron deficiency.Taking 2.4 mcg  of B12 daily; 400 mcg of folic acid or simply taking a multivitamin can give you your daily requirements. Eating more of these foods daily can also help supply your daily needs of B12, such as clams, salmon, burgers, yogurt, and fortified cereals, and some. folic acid rich foods include the following black-eyed peas, spinach, and baked beans.


Getting more of just one nutrient may be all that is needed to feel energized and to overcome tiredness and fatigue. Sometimes it is these deficiencies that are behind the hidden problem, which is a common complaint, and the reason that most women seek medical advice for.







Can Foods We Eat Prevent Breast Cancer ?



Can foods we eat prevent breast cancer? There is growing evidence that confirms that by including certain nutrients in our diet can reduce  breast cancer risk by as much as 50%. So boost your protection with healthy choices  and make some of these a part of your daily menu


Breakfast: Eating eggs can lower your risk by 24%. In a recent study woman who had the highest intake of choline – a nutrient found in eggs which is  needed for proper cell functioning were found to be 24% less likely to develop breast cancer than those women who had the lowest intake.Earlier research linked eating  just one choline-rich  egg a day to an 18% drop in breast cancer risk. The problem is almost 90% of people don`t take in enough of this B vitamin. For top protection: Get 455 mg of choline daily. One egg will supply you with 146 mg. Other sources are found in fish 204 mg per 6 oz, turkey 116mg per cup.


Lunch: Taming troublesome genes with salad dressing. It is important to make sure it is made with extra virgin olive oil, which is high in oleic acid, an antioxidant that destroys cancer cells on contact. It also helps to inactivate the breast cancer gene that one in three women carry. By adding 2 tablespoons  of olive oil to your diet daily it can reduce your risk by 25%

Snack: Crunching on carrots can deactivate dangers Carrots are known for its bright orange color and are proof of its high beta-carotene content, an estrogen-like compound that crowds out the estrogen in breast tissue that can damage cells and promote tumor growth. To send your breast cancer risk plunging by 20% eat three 1/2 cup servings a day of carrots or another beta -carotene-rich foods such as apricots, cantaloupe, pumpkin or butternut  squash.


Dinner: Brussels sprouts can keep estrogen in check. The are loaded with anti-cancer power in the form of indoles, compounds that shut down uncontrolled cell growth the same way that chemo drugs do and can cut your cancer risk by40%. Eat half a cup of Brussels sprouts or other indole rich vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and turnip greens daily.


Dessert: Baked apples are loaded with antioxidants. An apple a day lowers your odds of breast tumors by 29% and even better research says that by eating three apples a day can cut your risk by 38%. Consume whole apples peel and all instead of apple juice.


Sipping green tea with lunch and dinner: It’s phytonutrients protect against breast cancer by dampening production of estradiol, the most cell irritating form of estrogen. Green tea is also one of nature’s richest sources of EGCG a compound that surrounds cancerous cells which starve them off by shutting down the blood supply.


Can foods we eat prevent breast cancer? The answer is yes. According to numerous studies the foods that are rich in antioxidants are the ones that are capable of destroying cancers cells and are needed daily in order to give us the protection we need that keeps us healthy and cancer free

Tips On Ways To Avoid Heart Attacks

images.jpg pulse


Check your pulse to lower your risk of heart attack by 50%. Simply by keeping your resting heart rate,slow (below 70 beats per minute) can halve your risk of a heart attack so monitor your pulse quite often to keep it in an optimum  health zone to help you avoid heart attacks.


To calculate your heart rate do it first thing in the morning while lying in bed.Find your pulse rate by placing your index  and middle finger on your wrist an count the number of beats in one minute


Researchers say the risk of having a heart attack in the morning is 40% higher than later in the day. Avoid taxing your heart by giving yourself  time to get out of bed slowly rather than jumping up quickly.


Lower your risk daily with a brisk 30- minute walk .Research shows that it can reduce your resting heart rate as much as 10% cutting your heart attack risk in half. Exercise makes the heart a more efficient pump by moving oxygen- rich blood through the body without having to beat as often. So go for a walk every day and avoid


Get a foot massage to soothe your nerves. Several studies show that getting a five-minute foot or calf massage can lower the heart rate by 10 points. It works by reducing the levels of  stress hormones that rev up the heart rate. Which is a good enough reason to pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure.


Use fish oil to calm your brain- A recent review of 30 scientific studies shows that by taking 2 -4 g of fish oil daily can lower the heart rate by eight beats per minute by soothing the nervousness system. There is even a bonus when it comes to these healthy fats because they are heart protective in more ways than one.. They help control blood pressure, reduce clotting, and lower artery- clogging triglycerides  as much as 40 %. It is always important to check with your doctor before taking a new supplement


Stop shocks with earplugs. A recent study shows when you are jolted awake by noises in the night  your heart pounds an additional 13 beats per minute. To solve the problem, block out honking horns, barking dogs, and more by purchasing soft moldable earplugs from a drug store. Slip them in before drifting off to sleep to help avoid heart attacks by sudden noises in the night.


Wearing hats and scarves can be life saving. If it is cold output on those sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves.As the temperatures drop blood vessels in the body tighten to prevent heat loss – a move that can make your blood pressure and heart attack risk soar. Remember to keep cozy because it can cut your winter heart attack risk by as much as 50 %, which is more than a good enough reason to wear them and keep warm on cold winter days.





Amazing New Diet Plan For Gout Patients

fight gout


For anyone suffering from gout it use to mean a strict diet that would cut out many of your favorite foods . But new research is challenging the old notions of what is good and bad for this type of arthritis. Two things for certain with the old way is that being over weight and having high levels of uric acid in your blood would sky rocket your risk for gout.So traditional treatments would always focused on a diet that would cut out high purines, a protein that breaks down into uric acid inside your body. They also recommended that you loose those extra pounds and try to remain trim and fit for life

What gout ultimately would mean for you is that you would have to skip or eliminate many of your favorite foods to avoid purines. This would include most meats, sea foods , alcohol, and many plant foods such as spinach, and beans because they are bursting with them. On top of that you would be forever on a diet because you would need to watch your weight rather closely.  The problem with that is that most people can`t stick to a strict diet plan for the rest of their life, but unfortunately this has been the diet plan for gout patients up until now.

So welcome to the new diet plan. Evidence is now showing that cutting out high purine rich foods has little effect on uric acid, and many experts are thinking it is time to start changing  the game plan when it comes to dealing with gout. The new and more modern gout diet, was originally created by scientists, for people who were insulin resistant, a condition which is linked to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Like gout, insulin resistant  is also marked by high uric acid levels, which lead researchers to believe too much uric acid could be a warning sign for more serious health problems .


In a recent study thirteen men with gouty arthritis tried the new diet for four months. They lost and average of 17 pounds, and their uric acid levels dropped dropped by 20 percent. They had two thirds fewer flare ups and lowered  their cholesterol and best of all most of them managed to stay on the diet and maintain these benefits for over a year.


So here is the new diet plan which was used in the study, that seems simple enough for anyone  to follow.

  •  Eat no more than 1600 calories a day.Get 30 % of those ( 480 calories ) from protein
  • 30 % from fat
  • 40% (640 calories) from carbohydrates.
  • There is no limit on purine rich foods but weight loss is still a major goal.
  • Boosting your proteins, fats,and carbs doesn’t mean you can eat T-bone steak every night,load up on those fatty french fries, or munch on all the potato chips you want.The focus is on eating healthier sources of these nutrients, and here are a few more tips to make the most of this diet.
  • Cut back on calories. Divide those 1600  calories among three to five small meals through out the day rather than two or three large ones.
  • Swap out the fats. Cut back on saturated fats found in foods like dairy products and load up instead on heart healthy unsaturated fats in fish, poultry, nuts, peanut butter,avocados,and olive oil.
  • Get smart with carbohydrates, choose the complex sugars in fruit and vegetables, rather than refined sugars in candy, chips and sodas
  • Eat more fish. The men in this study ate at least four servings of fish each week including salmon, haddock,mackerel, and trout which are terrific sources of proteins and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Discuss this new diet plan for gout patients with your doctor if you think it could work for you.While diet does make a difference, many medication can also help ease your gout pain and prevent future flare ups.So go over your choices before trying to treat yourself.


  • Beware of drugs that trigger gout When it comes to gout, the danger isn`t all in what you eat.Certain drugs can also set you up for painful attacks.
  • Aspirin even as little as 75 mg can affect how well your kidneys flush out uric acid, which is a serious problem for gout suffers. While baby aspirin is still generally considered as safe experts warn against taking a large dose such as 1,000 to 2,000 mg if you have gout..
  • Water pills. Doctors often prescribe these drugs, known as thiazide diuretics, for high blood pressure, but they have been linked to gout in older women with kidney problems.
  • Allopurinol . This medication is actually used to treat gout, but it can trigger flare ups when you first begin taking it.
  • Discuss these risks with your doctor but never take yourself off any medications with out your doctors approval.





Ways To Deal With Feeling Fatigued All Time



Have you ever wondered why many people never seem to wake up refreshed or feel recharged by the end of the day? It seems that most will  blame it on lack of sleep, but being chronically tired very rarely is due to too little sleep. It`s due to energy zappers, and once identified you will find there are many ways to deal with feeling fatigued all the time which can help  you to never feel draggy  again.


An over worked liver is reason enough to be tired.When your liver has to work over time break down impurities in the air, food, and water, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that we have to deal with, Our bodies are exposed to thousands of chemicals on a daily bases and is a fact that our livers can`t keep up with metabolizing all of them without some sort of help.Experts suggest drinking 2 cups of dandelion tea daily, which is sold in most health food stores. According to research the compounds in the brew trigger a 240% increase in the liver`s production of the enzymes needed to turn toxins harmless.


Just relaxing helps stress hormones to dampen the function of the energy producing adrenal glands. To cut your stress hormone levels by 30 % in three days, try spending half an hour each evening reading, chatting with friends and family or just watching TV.


An out of wack thyroid can be to blame Women have a one in 10 chance of developing and under active thyroid medically known as hypothyroidism which results in feeling fatigued all the time. Unfortunately , when thyroid hormone levels hover in the low to normal range most doctors are not willing to prescribe medications. Other red flags also include anxiety, dry skin, cold hands, cholesterol,problems and difficulty loosing weight. Experts advice is avoid cigarette smoke, it damages the thyroid which raises your risk of fatigue tenfold. Take 200 mcg of selenium daily to boost thyroid production which can  cut fatigue by as much as 60 %.


Not eating enough salt. Millions of health conscious people are cutting back on salt by not eating as much processed food and choosing to prepare meals at home using less salt or skipping it or reading labels closely looking for low sodium foods. Trouble is your adrenal glands need a pinch of salt each day to produce two of most energizing hormones  adrenaline and noradrenaline . Experts say snacking on licorice helps because it is naturally rich in glycyrrhiza glabra which boosts production of adrenal hormones, increasing energy and vitality even on a low sodium diet, For best results eat five pieces of natural licorice a day. Warning it cause blood pressure  to rise so those who have hypertension should not consume it.


Being low on iron and being just a tad short on this mineral can make you feel listless and you don`t need to have a full blown case of anemia helping you feeling fatigued all the time. Researchers say that one in five women are low in iron which cause the same bone tiredness, so making sure you have enough of this mineral is important.



Expert advice to regularly pair rich vitamin C rich foods such as tomatoes,broccoli, oranges, or berries with meat dishes to help improve iron absorption which is enough to cut fatigue in half within three months.Tip if you are taking calcium and iron supplements take them at different meals as they compete for absorption in the digestion track.



Taking a cholesterol lowering statin lowers CoQ10 researchers suggest that a downside of statins is that they cut the body`s formation in half of this antioxidant in half and fatigue is one of the first symptoms of CoQ10 short falls.So talk your doctor about taking 100 mg of CoQ10 along with them  to help you deal with the feeling of fatigue all the time.






How To Ease Neck And Shoulder Pain



How to ease neck and shoulder pain can be as simple as changing your pillow. So choose the best pillow for a good nights rest  to help eliminate that kink in your neck by morning. When  choosing a pillow look for a pillow that isn`t too hard or soft,  If the support of the pillow is not right  it will force your neck to rest in an awkward angle while you sleep resulting resulting in stiffness and pain.

Choosing a pillow based on your favorite sleeping position can also make a difference according to experts . Side sleepers should opt for a very firm, back sleepers medium firm, and stomach sleepers and ultra soft and thin .

Also paying attention to your posture is very important.because it is part of the problem when it comes to neck an shoulder pain, especially when it come to working on a computer.Learn to straighten up, keep your feet flat on the floor, hips back in the chair, and head and neck even with your torso . When standing don`t slouch , keep your chest out and your shoulder back.


When it comes down to lugging over sized fashion handbags, and back packs they too can put strain on your neck and shoulder muscles,So if you want to avoid pain then make sure you down size that hand bag to less than three pounds if you want to remain pain free.


Perhaps you need to pamper yourself once in awhile and indulge in a massage, According to research its more effective and less costly for treating neck pain than either physiotherapy, or care provided by a general practitioner. Massages relieves aching muscles and improves range of motion by releasing natural endorphin which makes you feel good all over.


We also tend to hold tension in our shoulders and neck muscles so the next time you feel a bit on edge you may want to take a few seconds to loosen kinks before they turn into pain. To do this just slowly roll your shoulders up and back several time to help ease off  that neck and shoulder pain.





5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Strong


Keeping your heart healthy and strong with a few simple tips will not only keep you out of the doctors office, but it will increase your life span with nothing more than making an effort to make few changes in your daily routines.


Water helps to avoid blood clots: A study reveals that by drinking at least five 8oz glasses of water daily will cut your chances of having a fatal heart attack by 50 % less than if you only consume 2 glasses a day. Water thins the blood, resulting in a decreased risk of harmful blood clots. So keep your heart healthy by drinking more water daily.


Add more romance in your life to strengthen your heart: Experts have known that making love a few times a week exercises both you and your partners  heart muscles ,resulting in increased protection that slashes heart disease risk by 50 %


Optimism keeps arteries healthy: A Harvard study found that people who are upbeat have a 50% less likely chance to have heart disease than their gloomier counterparts, because their bodies produce far fewer artery damaging stress hormones.


Ditch the smoking habit that slows circulation. According to heath studies just having one cigarette a day triples your risk of heart disease by damaging the arteries which speed the buildup of cholesterol and plaque. Getting rid of that bad habit  will help keep your heart healthy and increase your life span.


Healthy fish fats wards of danger:The heart protective benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in fatty fish, such as tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel are so powerful, that women who eat five or more serving of fish a week are 45% less likely to die of heart disease than those who eat less than one serving a month.


Pump up your heart with Co Q10: This fat soluble vitamin works so well at energizing heart cells that it can improve pumping ability of people with chronic heart failure by 15% sending them back into normal range. Experts suggest to  aim for 100 mg daily.


Wine can help your heart In an  Italian research it was found that having a daily glass of wine ( two for men ) increases the levels of  heart protective omega 3 fatty acids in the blood stream which means it can help keep your heart healthy and strong..


Yoga does your heart good. Research found that practicing yoga for 90 minutes three times a week can make your heart healthier in just six weeks. The study also found that it helped to lower  blood pressure and improve the blood vessels ability  to expand and contract by 17% .in both men and women.


Fortified eggs fights disease. A study found that omega 3 enriched eggs are second only to seafood as the most plentiful food source of healthy omega 3 fats which are proven to promote heart health, fight depression, and also protect against some cancers.