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About MeHi my name is Daphne I am a Natural Health Consultant and founder of this website Your Natural Health Solutions. I have over 18 years of experience in consulting and I enjoy working with people who are looking for alternative ways to improve their health . Whether you are new to natural healings or have researched it for years there is always something we can learn and is the main reason I created this website.

With guidance, understanding and knowledge many things can be accomplished to improve ones quality of life and it can be found through natural healing. Natural healings cannot do certain things that medical care can. But neither can the best medical care do some very important things that natural healing can.

What the general public simply wants and looks for is what ever will work best for them and hopefully that is what you will discover here, safe alternatives to drug treatment and facts about what natural healing can offer you when nothing you have tired seems to make a difference.

One should never forget that you are the boss over your health. Doctors and other health practitioners can offer you advice but what you ultimately do is always your decision. Everyone has the right to the best health care possible and care that is not limited to drug treatment alone.

Education equals empowerment so please feel free to explore this website and leave comments if you have found something of value here as I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks for dropping by today.

Good Luck On Your Journey To Better Health



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