Eat Nuts To Loose Weight


Eat nuts to loose weight and  keep you slim.The Journal Of Obesity reports  that snacking on a handful of tummy- filling nuts daily  can cut your risk of weight gain by 30%.


Downing three or more cups of coffee daily lowers the risk of uterine cancer by more than 60% suggest a new study of 54,000 women by Japan`s National Cancer Center

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Is your IPod on high? A new study found that listening to personal music players and mobile phones at high volumes for more than five hours a week can cause permanent hearing loss.



All natural stress relief- A study in the Journal Of Environmental Psychology found that simply looking at nature alleviates minor stress.So next time you are feeling anxious try looking out the window or just take a walk in the garden to help you unwind.

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A juicy way to stay sharp. A recent study concludes that if you drink  three or more glasses of antioxidant rich fruit or vegetable  juice weekly you`ll be 76 % less likely to develop Alzheimer`s disease

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