Health Boosters that Prevent strokes


Health Boosters that Prevent strokes strokes are the number one cause of disability nation wide and women are more prone to them than men . The latest studies show that you can easily cut your risk by 67% just by making a few life style changes, and by doing so it can become one illness that no one should fear.
Prevent clotting by quenching your thirst.  Drink 5 or more glasses of liquid a day,and your risk of stroke drops 53% . Drink water, flavored seltzer, juice, coffee, tea it does`t matter. What does matter is that by filling up fluids it thins the blood,so it is less likely to create dangerous clots,
Even better add a glass of red wine or purple grape juice to your daily quota and you can cut your risk by 60% thanks to the powerful blood thinning agents in the red grapes suggests University of Of Wisconsin Medical research.
Protect arteries with folic acid  taking 1-2 mg of this B vitamin lowers stroke risks by 21 percent  research reveals done at the New Tulane University. It works by helping break down the amino acid homocysteine which , if left unchecked , can damage artery walls in the brain which makes blood thicker causing it more likely to clot.
Keep blood flowing with red peppers. They have four four times the amount of vitamin C than oranges., A major European study revealed that having high levels of vitamin C lowers your risk of stroke by 42%. Vitamin C mops up harmful free radicals before they can cause the damage to the brain vessels that lead to plaque build up s and clots. To reap the benefits , get your C by eating at least two cups of fruits and vegetables daily . Foods high in vitamin C include broccoli, parsley, watercress,kiwis,strawberries citrus fruits and pineapple.Supplements haven`t been proven effective in the studies.
House work To The Rescue  it reduces your risks of stroke by 67%. Bonus vacuuming , sweeping or spending one hour a day doing any other active form of house duties can reduce stroke risk as much as 67% no matter what shape you are in. House work is exercise and any form of exercise keeps blood sugar triglycerides and cholesterol levels in check which can lead to healthier  blood vessels and less chances of blockages that can trigger strokes.
Control bad cholesterol with red grapefruit. High levels of LDL cholesterol can double your risk of stroke.but by  including half a red grapefruit- or drinking 6 oz of red grapefruit juice  daily lowers LDL by 20% as revealed in Israeli research . Red grape fruit is rich in Dglucaric acid. pectin, potassium and vitamin A.  These nutrients are all essential for keeping the brain arteries healthy and clear

Important If you regularly take prescriptions meds talk to your doctor or pharmacist before adding grapefruit to your diet if you regularly take prescription drugs.
Breath Easier By Doing This. Turing on your side while you sleep, It helps prevent sleep apnea a conditions that cause frequent pauses in breathing . Studies show that if left untreated it can trigger a stroke for 20% of the people who have this condition. It has been found that by simply by sleeping on your side helps keep your airways opened, cutting episodes in half and even stopping them completely for 17%  To help you stay on your side snuggle  up against a firm pillow.


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