How Foods Prevent Gallstones

fruit and veg

It`s a fact that foods prevent gallstones and that about one in five women develop gallstones, these solid clumps of cholesterol that can cause excruciating pain.The good news is you can reduce your chances of ever getting them by just adding more of certain foods to your diet.



Try filling up your plate with fruits and vegetables to stop stones: A study reveals that women who get five servings of fruits and vegetables are  21% less likely to undergo surgery to remove gallstones than women who don`t . Researchers  suspect that the mixture of natural fiber ,minerals and vitamins in produce provides the secret as to how foods prevent gallstones..


Eating breakfast keeps crystals from forming : Even if you rush out the door every morning it is important to have something when you wake up such as  a hard boiled egg,  a cup of yogurt or even a granola bar will do the trick. Eating causes the gallbladder to contract and release cholesterol dissolving bile which is important because up to 90% of gall stones are made up of crystallized cholesterol


Amping up magnesium  cuts your risk by 32% One reason we`re so vulnerable to gallstones is because our diets are so low in magnesium and research has proven that it can reduce the risk of gallstones. What is the link? A magnesium shortage can rise triglycerides levels while low levels of of good HDL cholesterol which are two factors for stones. Eating more magnesium rich foods like salmon, black beans, or pumpkin seeds or taking a 450 mg magnesium supplement will help you reach your daily requirements to fill the shortfalls.


If you are dieting it is also important to know that people who loose more than three pounds a week are at a greater risk for gallstones, because it possibly due to the shifts in bile salts and cholesterol


Have more meat free meals to lower iron levels. Eating vegetarian-style once or twice a week helps lower your levels of heme iron , and easily absorbed form of the mineral found in red meats and poultry. Which scientist say can raise your risk for gallstones by 21% . The high levels of non heme iron which is common in most daily multi seem to have no effect. Researchers now think heme iron promotes the formation of cholesterol crystals in the gallbladder.


Researchers says sipping wine can lower cholesterol just drinking half a cup a day and can reduce your odds of gallbladder surgery by nearly 40 % .A study revealed that alcohol seems to break down cholesterol by keeping bile liquefied which is less likely to form stones. Another option  is coffee ,down four cups of caffeinated coffee to lower your risk by 25%.


Get up and go activity such as bowling,tennis, or dancing, can lower your risk of gallbladder surgery by 20% Research shows  just fitting in two to three hours a week helps control cholesterol.Numerous studies also show  how foods can prevent gallstones and perhaps the answers are now clear that the solutions to this painful condition all relates back to a poor diet lack the of exercise habits.



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