How To Ease Neck And Shoulder Pain



How to ease neck and shoulder pain can be as simple as changing your pillow. So choose the best pillow for a good nights rest  to help eliminate that kink in your neck by morning. When  choosing a pillow look for a pillow that isn`t too hard or soft,  If the support of the pillow is not right  it will force your neck to rest in an awkward angle while you sleep resulting resulting in stiffness and pain.

Choosing a pillow based on your favorite sleeping position can also make a difference according to experts . Side sleepers should opt for a very firm, back sleepers medium firm, and stomach sleepers and ultra soft and thin .

Also paying attention to your posture is very important.because it is part of the problem when it comes to neck an shoulder pain, especially when it come to working on a computer.Learn to straighten up, keep your feet flat on the floor, hips back in the chair, and head and neck even with your torso . When standing don`t slouch , keep your chest out and your shoulder back.


When it comes down to lugging over sized fashion handbags, and back packs they too can put strain on your neck and shoulder muscles,So if you want to avoid pain then make sure you down size that hand bag to less than three pounds if you want to remain pain free.


Perhaps you need to pamper yourself once in awhile and indulge in a massage, According to research its more effective and less costly for treating neck pain than either physiotherapy, or care provided by a general practitioner. Massages relieves aching muscles and improves range of motion by releasing natural endorphin which makes you feel good all over.


We also tend to hold tension in our shoulders and neck muscles so the next time you feel a bit on edge you may want to take a few seconds to loosen kinks before they turn into pain. To do this just slowly roll your shoulders up and back several time to help ease off  that neck and shoulder pain.





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