How To Ease Pain Naturally With Exercise



Have a toothache?Soothe it with clove oil: Clove oil instantly numbs a toothache. So if you can`t get to a dentist right away, head to your local drugstore for some,then apply a cotton ball with a mixture of 3 drops of clove oil and 1/4 tsp of olive oil and press it where it hurts for five to ten minutes. How it works: Credit goes to eugenol- a component in clove oil that has numbing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which slashes pain and helps prevent infections.



Got a headache? Walk away the hurt : Experts say more than 90 million people suffer from occasional headaches,which leads to $6 billion in sales of over the counter medications.But now there is another way to relieve pain that does n`t cost a cent.,How to ease pain naturally can be as as simple as a bike ride or any other related exercise  for at least 20 minutes at the first twinge of pain.Exercise suppresses the body`s output of the stress hormone cortisol before it can create pressure in your head. Plus it boost circulation preventing blood vessels in your head from tightening.



B vitamins zap migraines Taking a B complex supplement daily can cut the severity and frequency of migraines by up to 75% within three months, Studies show the nutrients lower levels of homocysteine an amino acid that restricts blood flow to the brain by 39%


 Sore feet cushion them with Silicone: After years of taking more than 5,000 steps a day, its no wonder women`s feet start aching more frequently. We can also take in account that as we age, the fat pad on the soles of our feet begin to thin, and you may think that sore feet are inevitable. Not so ! According to experts you can actually prevent pain with silicone gel inserts.

When tested against foam inserts and even expensive custom made orthotics , the silicon pads were far more effective at preventing pain in the heel and ball of the foot, pressure points that bear the bulk of the weight and are the  most likely to become sore.As to why they work compared to any other type of insert its because silicone absorbs more shock and reduces more pressure



Muscles Stiff? Go bowling and biking. Can`t stand  up or reach for a book with ease? Most likely the problem is poor flexibility , which increases your susceptibility to strains, and sprains. But enjoying activities like bowling, biking, or just playing Wii Fit can quickly help loosen up tight muscles.


.According to scientists  just doing one bout of activity, once a week for half an hour is enough to stretch your muscles enough to maintain flexibility and reduce stiffness by 25%. Each time you play your body releases “happy brain chemicals” such as dopamine and serotonin that quash muscle pain for two or three hours.



Bump your elbow?: Ease the pain by stroking the area for 30 seconds it will activate “pleasure nerves” in the skin that overrides pain and signals researchers say.


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