How To Heal Ulcers Naturally With Foods



Are you at risk for ulcers Find out what nature has in store to help heal them naturally with food. Many people harbor Helicobacter H. pylori bacterial which takes up residence in digestive system, and once there it can cause a host of problems such as heartburn, bloating, nausea and even ulcers.How to heal ulcers naturally isn`t all that difficult because fortunately there are a few things that will help protect you from the virus.



Believe it or not yogurt can shield your tummy Scientists  say it`s loaded with beneficial bacteria that creates a barrier that stops H pyloria from ever latching on to your stomach lining. In fact eating yogurt for just one month helps get rid of H pylori which is more than some antibiotics can do.For maximum benefit ,look for brands containing, bifidobacteria and lactobacillus probiotics. If you don`t like yogurt you can purchase a probiotic supplement from most health stores.


less salt


.Less salt less pain Scientist now know that the more salt there is in your diet, the more likely H pylori will wreak havoc in your stomach. Sodium changes the pH of the gut to a level that the bacteria don`t like, so it becomes more aggressive by diving into deeper layers of the stomach and the more they dig in the more ulcer triggering inflammation they stir up. The easiest way to dodge the salt is it to avoid process foods which is where 75% of the sodium in our diet comes from.


Cranberry fights bacteria Cranberry juice contains unique antioxidants that prevent H pylori from adhering to stomach walls and is no wonder studies have found that simply drinking it daily can eradicate the bacteria in about three weeks. For the most protection drink at least 7 oz of 100% cranberry juice daily or use cranberry concentrate  or herbal supplements found in most health food stores.

index.jpg olive oik

Olive oil works like a prescription antibiotic . In a study done by scientist in Seville,Spain olive oil knocked out H- pylori bacteria in one shot.even when in some cases antibiotics would n`t in touch the bug. All it takes is a few drizzles of olive oil on breads and veggies to get the full benefits of the oils bacteria killing compound.

If you have ever wondered how to treat ulcers naturally with food , then perhaps it could be as simple as adding  a few of these foods daily into your diet to get the benefits of what nature truly has to offer you .


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