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Most women are aware that calcium helps protect against osteoporosis also known as the brittle bone disease. But did you know that there are at least four other vitamins and minerals that also play a role in supporting bone health? Scientist have already identified and stated that vitamin D is essential for preventing fractures and is just as important as calcium especially in the elderly.

But new research is suggests that vitamin K ,magnesium and potassium may help round out this skeleton crew. What`s troubling however are the studies that reveal that the average woman`s diet is running low in every single one of these supporting nutrients.. Do these have an effect on bone health? Absolutely it does at least in the case of vitamin D it does. Because women who have existing hip fractures have tested deficient in vitamin D.

As for the other nutrients ,a link may be emerging One study dating back as far as 1999 found that women with lower intakes of vitamin K were more likely to suffer hip fractures. Also in further studies, even dating back as far as 2000 found that women with diets low in magnesium, and potassium appeared to have thinner hip and spine bones and research done since this time have revealed similar findings so there definitely is a link to deficiencies in these nutrients that are well documented.

So there is no doubt about it. You do need calcium, 1000 milligrams a day if you are under the age of 50  and.1,500 milligrams if you are over 50 . Just don`t forget about the other skeleton crew nutrients especially vitamin D. The guide lines below tells you how much of each you will need.

Vitamin D

Your daily goal is 1,000 international units up to age 50 and 1,200 international units for age 50 plus


What resent studies say is that more than half of the average women don`t get enough

Why bones love it. It`s needed to absorb calcium from your diet and it helps to deposit calcium into the bones

Best sources in food. Milk but not other dairy products.. Some fortified breakfast cereals.  a multi vitamin for insurance.

Vitamin K

Your daily goal is100 micro grams may be best for bones
What the average woman gets is 65 milligrams
Why bones love it. It switches on the bone building protein osteocalcin
Best food sources spinach,,Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage. coleslaw, collard greens.


Your daily goal is 400 milligrams
What the average woman gets is 228 milligrams
Why bones love it. makes up part of bone needed to release parathyroid hormone to keep blood calcium levels normal
Best food sources : Nuts dried beans, crab meat , spinach,wheat germ, bran,and chocolate yes chocolate is good for you in moderate amounts


Your daily goal is 3,500 milligrams
What the average woman gets 2,237 milligrams
Why bones love it May buffer acid in the blood streams so calcium isn`t pulled from the bones
Best Food sources :Fruits,and vegetables, salmon,lobster,milk, and yogurt.


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