How To Take Accurate Blood Pressure Readings



Does cuff size matter when it comes to blood pressure reading? Yes using the proper cuff size makes a very big difference in the accuracy of your reading. If it is too big or too small you will get false readings which could result in your numbers either being higher or lower than they should be.

Wearing short sleeves makes a difference. Your systolic readings (top number) can be higher by 22 points if taken over a long sleeve. The fabric makes the cuff grip tighter, restricting blood flow. So when getting your blood pressure checked make sure you wear shorter sleeves

Sitting for awhile relaxes blood vessels so ask the nurse if you can sit for a few minutes with your feet up before the test. Having your feet hanging from the examining table can restrict blood vessels in your legs enough to raise pressure by 14 points.

No talking to stop spikes. Talking can raise systolic pressure by 10 points or more, so sit quietly until the cuff comes off.

Raise your hand for accuracy. If your arm is hanging down or resting on the arm of the chair, your blood pressure readings can be as much as 10% higher. Instead keep your arm raised and bent so your elbow is as high as your heart ( at breast level).

Go easy on the latte to avoid a rise in numbers. If caffeinated beverages are part of your daily routine you need n`t be worried about it spiking your readings. However a Swiss study suggests that if you indulge only occasionally, drinking one within two hours of being tested can raise your systolic pressure by as much as 13 points.

How to take accurate blood pressure readings rely on many key factors when it comes down to numbers. Everything plays a part in whether those numbers will be a true reading or not. So in order to get a more accurate reading all the points above should be taken into consideration when doing your next test to avoid getting any false readings.


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