Naturally Reduce Water Retention

How Foods Naturally Reduce Water Retention

Release False Fat. Enjoying a melon enriched drink is twice as effective at hydrating the body as water is, reports British researchers. The credit goes to the fruits combination of high fluid content and its rich stores of electrolytes, which have the ability to balance fluids within the cell.This action helps the body release excess water weight ,that causes bloat and puffiness which has an instant slimming effect.
Soothes Inflammation
Melons work with the antioxidant flavonoids that help soak up free radical damage before they can get a chance to cause cellular inflammation . A fruit rich diet, is linked to the reduction in levels of a  inflammatory marker which is a  trigger for metabolic issues such as obesity and diabetes.
Converts Fat Into Fuel
Arginine is an amino acid found in melons which enhances the body’s ability to convert food into usable energy instead of fat. It can produce rewarding results, just by increasing the intake of this amino acid it can melt off an average of 3 inches off the waist and seven pounds in about 12 weeks without making any other changes to the diet.


3 Vitalizing Melon Aides



Pineapple – Cantaloupe
1/3 cup cantaloupe juice
¼ cup pineapple juice
6 peppermint leaves a crushed
Squeeze of lime.
In a glass combine all ingredients . Serve over ice if desired.
Makes one serving.
Bonus Vitamin C in the pineapple protects skin from sun damage.


Honeydew Lime Tango
¾ cup honeydew juices
¼ cup of limeade
1 Tbs of minced fresh cilantro
In a glass combine all ingredients . Serve over ice with a splash of sparkling water if desired
Makes one serving.


Mighty Melon Berry Juice
¾ cup of watermelon juice
¼ cup of strawberries
2 tsp of lime juice
Pinch of salt.
In a glass combine all ingredients. Serve over ice with a splash of sparkling water if desired
Makes one serving.
Anthocyanins in strawberries switch off fat storage


Feel Great Foods


Grapes Strengthens Blood Vessels
Eating a cup of red or purple grapes as an afternoon snack can help bring down puffiness in as little as one week. The reason according to research is in the skin, juice and seeds of this tiny fruit which is loaded with a plant compound called proanthocyanidins that shore up blood vessel walls so that fluids stay inside instead of leaking in to tissues
Onions Help Kidney Flush Fluids
Whether you enjoy them cooked or raw adding 1/3 cup of onions to your daily diet which is as little as  2  slices, can help reverse fluid accumulation in as little as 3 days. The credit goes to the sulfur in the onions which helps stimulate the kidneys to flush out excess water weight.
Spinach Cleans The Lymphatic System
These leafy greens are the top for source when it comes vitamin K,and is also loaded with ,folic acid and magnesium. This trio of nutrients helps push toxins and trapped fluids out through the lymphatic network, the body’s drainage system. Adding one cup serving into your daily menu can help you eliminate up to 3 pounds of bloat in as little as 6 days.


Greek Yogurt Prevents Gas Buildup
It`s a delicious and healthy way to keep bloat away., Making Greek yogurt a staple in your diet is a good choice.When this yogurt’s probiotic bacteria colonize the intestines they produce polyamines that can stamp out gas production in as little as 72 hrs .
Eggs shut down belly inflammation
Research shows that 2 eggs a day can speed the loss of trapped abdominal fluids by 32 percent in 4 days . Eggs are packed with amino acids and B vitamins choline a nutrient that prompts the breakdown of bloat trigging inflammation in abdominal tissues



Green Tea Blocks The Bloat Hormone
When rising temperatures bring on water weight, sipping16 oz of lightly sweetened iced green tea, could be the key for a slimmer you. With the tea’s blend of caffeine and polyphenols it signals the hypothalamus to slow the production of vasopressin the hormone that can makes you hold on to fluids on hot day.


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