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How Foods Prevent Gallstones

fruit and veg

It`s a fact that foods prevent gallstones and that about one in five women develop gallstones, these solid clumps of cholesterol that can cause excruciating pain.The good news is you can reduce your chances of ever getting them by just adding more of certain foods to your diet.



Try filling up your plate with fruits and vegetables to stop stones: A study reveals that women who get five servings of fruits and vegetables are  21% less likely to undergo surgery to remove gallstones than women who don`t . Researchers  suspect that the mixture of natural fiber ,minerals and vitamins in produce provides the secret as to how foods prevent gallstones..


Eating breakfast keeps crystals from forming : Even if you rush out the door every morning it is important to have something when you wake up such as  a hard boiled egg,  a cup of yogurt or even a granola bar will do the trick. Eating causes the gallbladder to contract and release cholesterol dissolving bile which is important because up to 90% of gall stones are made up of crystallized cholesterol


Amping up magnesium  cuts your risk by 32% One reason we`re so vulnerable to gallstones is because our diets are so low in magnesium and research has proven that it can reduce the risk of gallstones. What is the link? A magnesium shortage can rise triglycerides levels while low levels of of good HDL cholesterol which are two factors for stones. Eating more magnesium rich foods like salmon, black beans, or pumpkin seeds or taking a 450 mg magnesium supplement will help you reach your daily requirements to fill the shortfalls.


If you are dieting it is also important to know that people who loose more than three pounds a week are at a greater risk for gallstones, because it possibly due to the shifts in bile salts and cholesterol


Have more meat free meals to lower iron levels. Eating vegetarian-style once or twice a week helps lower your levels of heme iron , and easily absorbed form of the mineral found in red meats and poultry. Which scientist say can raise your risk for gallstones by 21% . The high levels of non heme iron which is common in most daily multi seem to have no effect. Researchers now think heme iron promotes the formation of cholesterol crystals in the gallbladder.


Researchers says sipping wine can lower cholesterol just drinking half a cup a day and can reduce your odds of gallbladder surgery by nearly 40 % .A study revealed that alcohol seems to break down cholesterol by keeping bile liquefied which is less likely to form stones. Another option  is coffee ,down four cups of caffeinated coffee to lower your risk by 25%.


Get up and go activity such as bowling,tennis, or dancing, can lower your risk of gallbladder surgery by 20% Research shows  just fitting in two to three hours a week helps control cholesterol.Numerous studies also show  how foods can prevent gallstones and perhaps the answers are now clear that the solutions to this painful condition all relates back to a poor diet lack the of exercise habits.


How To Take Accurate Blood Pressure Readings



Does cuff size matter when it comes to blood pressure reading? Yes using the proper cuff size makes a very big difference in the accuracy of your reading. If it is too big or too small you will get false readings which could result in your numbers either being higher or lower than they should be.

Wearing short sleeves makes a difference. Your systolic readings (top number) can be higher by 22 points if taken over a long sleeve. The fabric makes the cuff grip tighter, restricting blood flow. So when getting your blood pressure checked make sure you wear shorter sleeves

Sitting for awhile relaxes blood vessels so ask the nurse if you can sit for a few minutes with your feet up before the test. Having your feet hanging from the examining table can restrict blood vessels in your legs enough to raise pressure by 14 points.

No talking to stop spikes. Talking can raise systolic pressure by 10 points or more, so sit quietly until the cuff comes off.

Raise your hand for accuracy. If your arm is hanging down or resting on the arm of the chair, your blood pressure readings can be as much as 10% higher. Instead keep your arm raised and bent so your elbow is as high as your heart ( at breast level).

Go easy on the latte to avoid a rise in numbers. If caffeinated beverages are part of your daily routine you need n`t be worried about it spiking your readings. However a Swiss study suggests that if you indulge only occasionally, drinking one within two hours of being tested can raise your systolic pressure by as much as 13 points.

How to take accurate blood pressure readings rely on many key factors when it comes down to numbers. Everything plays a part in whether those numbers will be a true reading or not. So in order to get a more accurate reading all the points above should be taken into consideration when doing your next test to avoid getting any false readings.


Quick Ways To Ease Back Pain



Everyday actions can cause most backaches which explains why one in ten of us will  feel the hurt, but there are a few proven ways that can help anyone ease back pain and avoid the ache for good.


It`s a fact that sitting puts 40% more stress on your spine than standing. So by simply walking while talking on the phone or getting up to chat with co workers instead of instant messaging can reduce pressure pain by as much as 67% according to researchers.


It`s easy to get moving for five minutes every hour or so if you set a timer to remind to take a walking break, and is what most doctors recommend to help ease pain.


It helps to d-stress your back by dreaming. Experts say,your brain sends messages to your muscles telling them to tighten up and according to experts back muscles are 20 times more sensitive to these stress signals than muscles everywhere.


You can head off trouble by finding at least 20 minutes to lie comfortably on a mat or carpet and day dream while letting your body relax Research shows that you can halve your risk of achy tense back muscles by enjoying this pleasant break . So make daydreaming a regular habit to help ease back pain


Walking can nourish the spine. Exercise increases blood flow to the discs in the spine, delivering a richer amount of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for it to remain flexible instead of brittle.Walking briskly for 30 minutes three times a week can lower  risk of chronic pain by 43%. as found in resent studies.  You don`t have walk for as long as the study subjects did  to receive the benefits, just start by doing 10 minutes of any activity such as riding a bike or dancing the key is to make it a routine to see and feel the improvements.


Be kinder to your feet because shoes without a proper arch support can throw off your center of gravity. This forces your lower back muscles to work harder to maintain a healthy posture which increases risk of back injury due to falls.

Switching to footwear with supportive insoles makes a difference according to a study.  There should be a firm padded lining in the shoe that fits snugly to the natural arch of the foot this can provide significant relief for 81% of people who suffer from backaches.


A German research found that pain in the back can be triggered or worsened by too much acidity in the bloodstream. The connection was the high acidity of foods that causes inflammation which slows down the healing of damaged muscles and nerves including the ones in the back.


What is the fix? To bring your blood back into healthier,slightly alkaline range,  by eating just three servings of low acid foods such as vegetables, whole grains, beans, flax seeds, nuts , fish and or shellfish daily


Cushion your discs in bed can be as simple, as just changing  your sleeping positions. It can take up to 55 pounds of pressure off your back which helps to avoid causing pain or aggravating pain that is already there.


There are many quick ways to ease back pain and if you are already achy you may want to try the herb devils claw..  Dozens of studies that suggest that it can relieve back pain as effectively as prescription medication.In fact researchers say taking 2g to 4 g daily can soothe even severe pain for three out of four suffers within one month.The active ingredient harpagoside, is powerful natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory. As always, check with your doctor before taking this or any other supplement.


How Gout Pain Medication Does Harm




When you wind up with a painful condition of gout there is more to worry about than the condition its self. Suddenly you have a whole new set of rules to play by . Your diet changes ,medication is prescribed then the side  effects set in,yet you are never told how gout pain medication does harm or what to expect from long term use of these commonly prescribed drugs.


Basically there are two types of drugs for treating gout. One is used to treat acute attacks, and the other is used to help reduce levels of uric acid in the body. In the treatment of  acute attacks doctors prescribe colchicine or non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs), such as indomethacin, phenylbutazone,naproxen, orfenoprofen.


Colchicine is usually the drug of choice when the diagnosis is in question because it will bring about almost immediate relief however if it is not gout the medication will not be effective. 80% of patients are unable to tolerate an optimal dose because of gastrointestinal side effects: severe nausea,abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea. Also it  is an extremely powerful drug that has significant side effects which are typically a function of dosage- that is the greater the dosage the more likely it is that side effects will appear.


Other possible side effects include allergic reactions, hair loss, suppression of bone marrow resulting in low white blood cell counts, anemia, abnormal bleeding and bruising and fatigue, peripheral nerve inflammation, characterized by numbness “pins and needles” sensations, pain and weakness in the hands or feet; liver damage and inflammation of the colon resulting in bloody diarrhea.


Allopurinol  lowers uric acid levels by inhibiting its formation. It is used in treating patients with gout that over produce ,as opposed to under excrete , uric acid. In general Allopurinol is well tolerated.The most common side effect is skin rash. Because these skin reaction can be quite severe ,and even fatal, treatment must be discontinued immediately if a rash develops. Other possible side effects include headache, dizziness, fatigue, loss of hair and liver damage.


Probenecid and Sulfinpyrazone these two drugs increase the excretion of uric acid and are used in long term management of gout in patients who, because of inability to excrete  uric acid and have elevated of uric acid in blood and tissues. Because these drugs increase the excretion of uric acid they increase the risk of kidney stones and therefore should not be taken by patients who have a history of kidney disease or kidney stones.


The most common side effects of these drugs are gastrointestinal irritation  nausea vomiting, gastric pain , headache, mild skin rash. Other possible side effects include reduced appetite, sore gums, liver damage, bone marrow suppression, and kidney damage.


It is a well accepted fact that most case of gout can be treated effectively with diet alone. However most physicians do not stress the value of diet therapy because it is far easier to write a prescription than to educate the patient about more healthful food choices. Given the side effects  and how gout pain medication does harm, failure of any physicians to discuss dietary therapy with their patients is a great disservice.






















How To Heal Ulcers Naturally With Foods



Are you at risk for ulcers Find out what nature has in store to help heal them naturally with food. Many people harbor Helicobacter H. pylori bacterial which takes up residence in digestive system, and once there it can cause a host of problems such as heartburn, bloating, nausea and even ulcers.How to heal ulcers naturally isn`t all that difficult because fortunately there are a few things that will help protect you from the virus.



Believe it or not yogurt can shield your tummy Scientists  say it`s loaded with beneficial bacteria that creates a barrier that stops H pyloria from ever latching on to your stomach lining. In fact eating yogurt for just one month helps get rid of H pylori which is more than some antibiotics can do.For maximum benefit ,look for brands containing, bifidobacteria and lactobacillus probiotics. If you don`t like yogurt you can purchase a probiotic supplement from most health stores.


less salt


.Less salt less pain Scientist now know that the more salt there is in your diet, the more likely H pylori will wreak havoc in your stomach. Sodium changes the pH of the gut to a level that the bacteria don`t like, so it becomes more aggressive by diving into deeper layers of the stomach and the more they dig in the more ulcer triggering inflammation they stir up. The easiest way to dodge the salt is it to avoid process foods which is where 75% of the sodium in our diet comes from.


Cranberry fights bacteria Cranberry juice contains unique antioxidants that prevent H pylori from adhering to stomach walls and is no wonder studies have found that simply drinking it daily can eradicate the bacteria in about three weeks. For the most protection drink at least 7 oz of 100% cranberry juice daily or use cranberry concentrate  or herbal supplements found in most health food stores.

index.jpg olive oik

Olive oil works like a prescription antibiotic . In a study done by scientist in Seville,Spain olive oil knocked out H- pylori bacteria in one shot.even when in some cases antibiotics would n`t in touch the bug. All it takes is a few drizzles of olive oil on breads and veggies to get the full benefits of the oils bacteria killing compound.

If you have ever wondered how to treat ulcers naturally with food , then perhaps it could be as simple as adding  a few of these foods daily into your diet to get the benefits of what nature truly has to offer you .


Can You Get Rid Of varicose Veins Naturally ?


varicose veins


Can you get rid of varicose veins naturally? It is quite possible to improve your condition through dietary guidelines,  nutritional supplements, and physical activity, because It known that certain factors can contribute to varicose veins, such as obesity, lack of regular exercise, habitual standing or sitting for long periods which is something that can be  easily  accomplished through  life style following  some of the suggestions below.



Vitamin C boosts collagen Researchers suggest that vitamin C decreases your risk of varicose veins by increasing collagen production which helps to keep veins and capillaries strong.Vitamin C and bioflavonoids help improve circulation and reduce pain.Bioflavonoids also strengthen weak blood vessel walls and improve the health of connective tissue. Three times a day take a combination formula that provides 1000 mg of C ,100mg of rutin and 100 mg of mixed bioflavonoids.Some people experience loose stools if they take high doses of vitamin C. If that happens cut back on the amount.

Foods_ fiber

Eat a well balanced high fiber diet. Maximize your intake of steamed vegetables and fruits. These foods contain phytochemicals that strengthen blood vessel walls which contribute to the health of the veins. Also avoid fried foods and hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and oils .Fat contribute to circulatory problems.

Apple cider vinegar can be used topically to help improve circulation and reduce pain.Saturate a cloth with the vinegar, wring out slightly and apply the compress to the affected area for fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Do this twice daily for one month.



Gotu Kola improves venous blood flow and speeds healing of wounds including skin ulcers. In clinical trials, approximately 80 % of the subjects have reported a lessening if symptoms such as feeling of heaviness in lower limbs, vein distention and numbness while taking it..Suggested dose is 200 mg three times a day.



Horse Chestnut improves vascular tone, reducing vascular leakage.It can also help with leg pain and fatigue, Suggested dose is 300 milligrams of standard extract every twelve hours.



Exercise It is physical activity such as walking that cause muscles surrounding the veins to expand and contract which moves the blood back to your heart. Also stretch your legs frequently.If you have sedentary occupation , this may be as simple as walking around your workplace for 5 minutes every hour.


Put your feet up on pillows so they`re  above the level of your heart so that it can pull the blood back in the right direction . Aim for 20 minutes in the morning and evening.

Standing in line for too long? Every 20 minutes stand on your tip toes and contract your calves to keep blood moving. Stuck sitting for too long? Push your toes down like you are pressing a gas pedal helps to improve blood flow.

So by changing your diet and your life style , you can get rid of varicose veins naturally and easily in a few simple steps.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































What Are The Healthiest Nuts To Eat And Why



Could eating nuts be the key to a long and healthy life?The answer is yes and doctors are recommending that you  munch on a handful a day to lower blood pressure,combat stress and more. So what are the healthiest nuts to eat? Try some of natures most powerful nuts such as Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pistachios, and Pecans because they can improve your health naturally in many different ways.


Brazil Nuts combat colon cancer : Just by nibbling two of these nuts a day  offers you a 30% decrease in the number of precancerous colon polyps. The Brazil Nuts secret is selenium 1 oz contains more than seven times the RDA., and you won`t find another food that can deliver more of the cell protecting element.


Walnuts fight heart disease: Eating them on a regular basis can trigger up to a 75% drop in your blood levels of C-reactive protein and indicator of inflammation associated with heart disease. The secret of the walnut is in the plant omega 3 fatty acid called alpha linolenic acid ( ALA) and is just as potent an inflammation fighter as omega 3`s in salmon or other fish.


Pistachios steady nerves eating this nut every day for a month can significantly reduce the effects of everyday stress and tension. What is the secret of the pistachio? Its the high levels of unsaturated fats and antioxidants found in them, which together improves the circulation so that blood pressure does n`t spike.


Pecans drop cholesterol in one study it was found that,volunteers who ate one handful of pecans everyday for two months lowered their cholesterol by 11.3% , That more than doubles the benefits of following a low fat diet. What secret does the pecan have? Its in the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that guard against damage effects of bad LDL cholesterol.


What about the fat and calories One ounce of nuts can have 20 grams or more of fat and up to 200 calories, but they contain more of the healthy fats which we need.more of not less. So enjoy a handful of these healthy nuts or raw nut spreads,that contain essential nutrients ,making them a great substitute for butter or margarine which makes them a healthy choice when it comes to fat.

So no matter which nuts you choose they are one of healthiest raw foods you can eat.

How To Soothe A Sore Throat Naturally With 5 Tips



Coat Your Throat With Herbal Tea : Research has shown that herbal teas can work wonders on a sore throat , they work by coating irritated membranes which help reduce pain. Try teas from your local health food store such as slippery elm bark,marshmallow root, or licorice root.


Soothing A Sore Throat Naturally With A Cup Of Chicken Soup Yes its true according to University  Of Nebraska researchers, it contains anti-inflammatory substances that help to ease sore throats and body aches. So how soothe a sore throat naturally can be as easy as enjoying a cup of of chicken soup when you need it the most.


Numb Hot Spots With An Ice Pop: Letting small pieces melt for a minute on the back of your throat numbs pain.Some doctors also say that sugar helps soothe a sore throat and the coughing that comes with it.


Get Relief With Steam: Using  a personal steamer is a worth while investment when it comes to sore throats, They can be purchase in most department stores, but if you don`t own one, just  fill your sink with hot water, place a towel over your head to lock in the steam. Lean over the sink and breathe in through your mouth for several minutes.  The steam works by clearing mucus from your nasal passages, preventing post nasal drip that is a common cause of throat discomfort. Repeat this several times through the day .


Lemon Juice, Cayenne,Honey :  In a small container mix a few tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon or so of lemon juice add a dash of cayenne pepper to the mix  to form a  mixture thick enough to coat  a spoon , then lick  what is on the spoon like a lollipop for almost instant relief. The healing trio works by coating irritated membranes which help reduce pain.Repeat as often as needed.

When it comes  down to how to soothe a sore throat naturally  it doesn`t get any easier  when you have mother nature on your side.

How To Ease Pain Naturally With Exercise



Have a toothache?Soothe it with clove oil: Clove oil instantly numbs a toothache. So if you can`t get to a dentist right away, head to your local drugstore for some,then apply a cotton ball with a mixture of 3 drops of clove oil and 1/4 tsp of olive oil and press it where it hurts for five to ten minutes. How it works: Credit goes to eugenol- a component in clove oil that has numbing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which slashes pain and helps prevent infections.



Got a headache? Walk away the hurt : Experts say more than 90 million people suffer from occasional headaches,which leads to $6 billion in sales of over the counter medications.But now there is another way to relieve pain that does n`t cost a cent.,How to ease pain naturally can be as as simple as a bike ride or any other related exercise  for at least 20 minutes at the first twinge of pain.Exercise suppresses the body`s output of the stress hormone cortisol before it can create pressure in your head. Plus it boost circulation preventing blood vessels in your head from tightening.



B vitamins zap migraines Taking a B complex supplement daily can cut the severity and frequency of migraines by up to 75% within three months, Studies show the nutrients lower levels of homocysteine an amino acid that restricts blood flow to the brain by 39%


 Sore feet cushion them with Silicone: After years of taking more than 5,000 steps a day, its no wonder women`s feet start aching more frequently. We can also take in account that as we age, the fat pad on the soles of our feet begin to thin, and you may think that sore feet are inevitable. Not so ! According to experts you can actually prevent pain with silicone gel inserts.

When tested against foam inserts and even expensive custom made orthotics , the silicon pads were far more effective at preventing pain in the heel and ball of the foot, pressure points that bear the bulk of the weight and are the  most likely to become sore.As to why they work compared to any other type of insert its because silicone absorbs more shock and reduces more pressure



Muscles Stiff? Go bowling and biking. Can`t stand  up or reach for a book with ease? Most likely the problem is poor flexibility , which increases your susceptibility to strains, and sprains. But enjoying activities like bowling, biking, or just playing Wii Fit can quickly help loosen up tight muscles.


.According to scientists  just doing one bout of activity, once a week for half an hour is enough to stretch your muscles enough to maintain flexibility and reduce stiffness by 25%. Each time you play your body releases “happy brain chemicals” such as dopamine and serotonin that quash muscle pain for two or three hours.



Bump your elbow?: Ease the pain by stroking the area for 30 seconds it will activate “pleasure nerves” in the skin that overrides pain and signals researchers say.


Image courtesy of artur84 at


What Foods To Avoid When You Have Gout


If you are suffering from gout you know all to well how painful the attacks can be. However it does not have to be a life sentence to pain as most people are led to believe,In fact gout can be treated quickly and effectively. By making a few key changes to your diet and knowing what foods to avoid when you have gout,  can prevent recurrences from happening


So take a break from high purine foods which include anchovies,brains,consomme`,gravy herring,kidneys,liver,meat extracts,meat containing mincemeat,mussels,,sardines, and sweetbreads . These foods are so high in purines that they may actually bring on a gout attack.


Foods with lesser amounts of purine per serving may also bring on a gout attack so don`t eat more than one serving per day of the following foods.Asparagus, dried beans cauliflower,lentils, mushrooms,oatmeal,dried peas, shellfish, spinach, whole grain cereals , and breads,sugar, yeast, fish , meat, and poultry all fall into this category.


Go on the band wagon. Alcohol not only increases uric acid production, it also decreases the body`s ability to excrete it. Beer is a big offender because it not only contains alcohol but it also has more purine than any other alcoholic beverages.


But don`t give up drinking altogether .Be sure to drink plenty of water even if you don`t like it because it  flushes excess uric acid out of your system.  It is also very important to drink plenty of water because people who have this condition are more prone to develop kidney stones.


So knowing what foods to avoid when you have gout can truly mean much faster pain relief and fewer gout attacks when you bring your body back into balance through diet changes.


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