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Why Is Chicken Soup Good For A Cold ?


Have you ever wondered why our mothers and grandmothers have told us that chicken soup was good for a cold and where the history for the remedy came from?
Turns out that the first authoritative endorsement for chicken soup came from an eminent 12th century physician named Moses Maimonides, who had originally prescribed it to one of his patients for asthma.
Never mind that chicken soup used fat old hens and had no garlic in those days but it still did some good, because it does have true medicinal properties , and is why chicken soup is good for you.
Chicken soup like most protein foods, contains a natural amino acid called cysteine which is released when you make the soup. Cysteine’s has a remarkable chemical similarity to a drug called acetylcystenie , which doctors prescribe to their patients for bronchitis and respiratory infections.
Pharmacologically ,acetylcystenie , ,like other mucokinetics, thins down mucus in the lungs making it easier to expel. Also there is an aromatic substance in chicken soup that helps clear the airways.Marvin

Marvin Snacker,MD,a pulmonary specialist made, famous for his chicken soup study published in 1978 in the medical Journal Chest,He was  skeptical if “Jewish penicillin”would fight cold symptoms any better than hot water.So in the study Snacker had 15 healthy men and women sip hot chicken soup, hot water, or cold water. Five minutes and 30 minutes later , he measured the rate at which mucus and air flowed through the subjects nasal passages.
To Snacker`s surprise the chicken soup was better at fighting congestion than the hot or cold water.and further noted that even the  chicken vapors were far superior to the hot water.In conclusion,to the findings in the study, it found that cold chicken soup did clear a cold in your nose, but if it  is hot and steamy it would clear it even faster and more efficiently,
If you want an even more super congestion fighting soup ,add lots of garlic, onion, pepper and hot spices such as curry, or hot chilies to turn it into the best cold remedy that you can find. Note : It`s better to sip chicken soup than drink it because the therapeutic effects last half an hour, so you need a continual slow intake of the soup`s therapeutic agents to work,which is why chicken soup is good for you..



Naturally Reduce Water Retention

How Foods Naturally Reduce Water Retention

Release False Fat. Enjoying a melon enriched drink is twice as effective at hydrating the body as water is, reports British researchers. The credit goes to the fruits combination of high fluid content and its rich stores of electrolytes, which have the ability to balance fluids within the cell.This action helps the body release excess water weight ,that causes bloat and puffiness which has an instant slimming effect.
Soothes Inflammation
Melons work with the antioxidant flavonoids that help soak up free radical damage before they can get a chance to cause cellular inflammation . A fruit rich diet, is linked to the reduction in levels of a  inflammatory marker which is a  trigger for metabolic issues such as obesity and diabetes.
Converts Fat Into Fuel
Arginine is an amino acid found in melons which enhances the body’s ability to convert food into usable energy instead of fat. It can produce rewarding results, just by increasing the intake of this amino acid it can melt off an average of 3 inches off the waist and seven pounds in about 12 weeks without making any other changes to the diet.


3 Vitalizing Melon Aides



Pineapple – Cantaloupe
1/3 cup cantaloupe juice
¼ cup pineapple juice
6 peppermint leaves a crushed
Squeeze of lime.
In a glass combine all ingredients . Serve over ice if desired.
Makes one serving.
Bonus Vitamin C in the pineapple protects skin from sun damage.


Honeydew Lime Tango
¾ cup honeydew juices
¼ cup of limeade
1 Tbs of minced fresh cilantro
In a glass combine all ingredients . Serve over ice with a splash of sparkling water if desired
Makes one serving.


Mighty Melon Berry Juice
¾ cup of watermelon juice
¼ cup of strawberries
2 tsp of lime juice
Pinch of salt.
In a glass combine all ingredients. Serve over ice with a splash of sparkling water if desired
Makes one serving.
Anthocyanins in strawberries switch off fat storage


Feel Great Foods


Grapes Strengthens Blood Vessels
Eating a cup of red or purple grapes as an afternoon snack can help bring down puffiness in as little as one week. The reason according to research is in the skin, juice and seeds of this tiny fruit which is loaded with a plant compound called proanthocyanidins that shore up blood vessel walls so that fluids stay inside instead of leaking in to tissues
Onions Help Kidney Flush Fluids
Whether you enjoy them cooked or raw adding 1/3 cup of onions to your daily diet which is as little as  2  slices, can help reverse fluid accumulation in as little as 3 days. The credit goes to the sulfur in the onions which helps stimulate the kidneys to flush out excess water weight.
Spinach Cleans The Lymphatic System
These leafy greens are the top for source when it comes vitamin K,and is also loaded with ,folic acid and magnesium. This trio of nutrients helps push toxins and trapped fluids out through the lymphatic network, the body’s drainage system. Adding one cup serving into your daily menu can help you eliminate up to 3 pounds of bloat in as little as 6 days.


Greek Yogurt Prevents Gas Buildup
It`s a delicious and healthy way to keep bloat away., Making Greek yogurt a staple in your diet is a good choice.When this yogurt’s probiotic bacteria colonize the intestines they produce polyamines that can stamp out gas production in as little as 72 hrs .
Eggs shut down belly inflammation
Research shows that 2 eggs a day can speed the loss of trapped abdominal fluids by 32 percent in 4 days . Eggs are packed with amino acids and B vitamins choline a nutrient that prompts the breakdown of bloat trigging inflammation in abdominal tissues



Green Tea Blocks The Bloat Hormone
When rising temperatures bring on water weight, sipping16 oz of lightly sweetened iced green tea, could be the key for a slimmer you. With the tea’s blend of caffeine and polyphenols it signals the hypothalamus to slow the production of vasopressin the hormone that can makes you hold on to fluids on hot day.


Natural Remedies For Cough And Congestion



It`s almost seems too good to be true that  old food remedies that your grandmother used have stood the test of time for scientific inquires when it comes down respiratory problems like colds and flu. These food remedies, that have been passed down and used for many centuries are very similar to some of the drugs used today when it comes down to the common fighting action.against respiratory ailments.
Their main job is to thin out and help move the lung’s secretions, so they don’ t clog air passages so that they can be coughed up or normally expelled. Such drugs are called mucokinetic also known a mucous moving agents, which include decongestants and expectorants.
Reigning in at the top of the food pharmacy for respiratory diseases is the chili pepper and other hot pungent foods. Vinegar and pepper were known to be one such remedy, centuries ago and was one that the Hippocrates often prescribed for their patients aliments.
Some of these foods mimic popular drugs today,such as capsaicin , the mouth burning, ingredient of hot peppers It has the same chemical resemblance to the drug

Tea`s And Toddies For Sore Throats And Coughs
There are many folklore remedies for cold symptoms abound but here are four that stand up to scientific scrutiny that you may want to give a try the next time you are in need of remedy to treat a sore throat or cough.

Russian Horseradish Toddy: To a glass of of warm water, add on tablespoon of grated fresh horseradish, one teaspoon of honey, and one teaspoon of ground cloves. Sip it slowly and keep stirring it as the horseradish tends to settle. Or use it as a gargle either way it soothes and helps heal a sore throat.
Licorice Root Tea. Licorice has an anesthetizing effect; it soothes irritated throats, and suppresses coughs. Add some licorice root to a cup of warm water and sip it slowly. Note use licorice root moderately ; as it is known to raise blood pressure.
Sage Gargle : Recommended for sore throats. Use one to two teaspoons of dried sage leaves, per cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. Don`t give medicinal doses of tea to children under 2 years of age.
Onion Cough Syrup: Put six chopped white onions in a double boiler and add half a cup of honey. Cook slowly over low heat for two hours and strain. Take at regular intervals ,preferably warm.

which is. an expectorant found in over 75 of popular over the counter prescription formulas such as Robitussin, Vicks Formula 44 D and Sudafed.
Another one is alliin, which gives garlic its potent flavor., It .has the ability, to convert in the body into a drug that is similar to Scarboxymethylcysteine ( Mucodyne) a classic European lung medication that regulates mucus flow. .Horseradish can also be included in this group of foods because the the main active chemical in horseradish root a member of the mustard family, is allyl isothiocyanate or mustard oil, which irritates the ending of olfactory nerves , causing tears and salivation ,which is exactly what a lot of over the counter drugs for colds, coughs, and bronchitis do, except without any side effects, so it is no wonder that these remedies are still being used today as they were centuries ago.


Tea`s And Toddies For Sore Throats And Coughs
There are many folklore remedies for cold symptoms abound but here are four that stand up to scientific scrutiny that you may want to give a try the next time you are in need of remedy to treat a sore throat or cough.

Russian Horseradish Toddy: To a glass of of warm water, add on tablespoon of grated fresh horseradish, one teaspoon of honey, and one teaspoon of ground cloves. Sip it slowly and keep stirring it as the horseradish tends to settle. Or use it as a gargle either way it soothes and helps heal a sore throat.
Licorice Root Tea. Licorice has an anesthetizing effect; it soothes irritated throats, and suppresses coughs. Add some licorice root to a cup of warm water and sip it slowly. Note use licorice root moderately ; as it is known to raise blood pressure.
Sage Gargle : recommended for sore throats. Use one to two teaspoons of dried sage leaves, per cup of boiling water. Steep for ten minutes. Don`t give medicinal doses of tea to children under 2 years of age.
Onion Cough Syrup: Put six chopped white onions in a double boiler and add half a cup of honey. Cook slowly over low heat for two hours and strain. Take at regular intervals ,preferably warm.

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Why Plant Phytosterols




Did your mother know what she was talking about when she said eat your fruits and vegetables? Fresh vegetables,fruits, seeds and nuts not only provide fiber , vitamins and minerals but they are also rich in a powerful  disease fighting nutrient called phytonutrient. Phyto comes from the Greek word meaning plant.This biologically active substance is what gives plants their color,flavor and its natural resistance to disease. Phytonutrients enhance the immune function,slow the aging process and combats cancer, which is  only a few of the amazing benefits that this plant has to offer our health.

Phyosterols are the most researched plant nutrients next to carotenoids with over 4000 published studies Phytosterols include beta sitosterol and its( glucoside beta sitosterlion) campesterol sigmasterol,ergosterol,and avenasterol which are called sterols and sterolins for short. They have the most exciting disease prevention and treatment applications.which was first researched and evaluated in 1922 for their anti cancer effects. These sterols are found abundantly in all plant material and shell fish,with all raw unprocessed nuts,seeds and their oils containing the  richest sources.

Unfortunately, standard food processing  methods  destroy the sterols and sterolins stripping the finished product of any of its health supporting properties.It is also destroyed by freezing fruits and vegetables as well as boiling which causes the sterolins to be released in the water.


Fresh, live foods should make up the bulk of your diet to ensure you are getting adequate supplies of phytosterols.Add seven to ten half cup servings of organic fruits and vegetables should provide you with a good foundation.If you are not eating enough plant matter, food supplements contains phytosterols can be added to your diet which can be found in many health food stores.
Sterols have been called the forgotten nutrient even though thousands of studies have been done on this nutrient it has not gotten the recognition it surely deserves. Rheumatoid arthritis,cervical cancer, diabetes,immune function  prostate problems, HIV, herpes,hepatitis C allergies, chronic fatigue, are only a few disease of many in which sterols and sterolins have been shown to be effective for.


Sterols have been shown to have rapid cholesterol lowering effects. Betasitosterol is similar in structure to cholesterol except that is has an extra  ethyl group on the side chain.Due to its similarity it interferes with the absorption of cholesterol found in our foods as well as the cholesterol that is produced by our bodies. If we include these foods or supplements that contain sterols we can normalize cholesterol much faster than with cholesterol lowering drugs which has been reported in over 400 studies..
Hepatitis C is a disease that has been  increasing by numbers over the lasts few decades and liver specialist have become over whelmed, as they struggle to deal with its rising numbers in the population.and is still the leading cause of liver transplants in North America. Most patients over time will develop chronic hepatitis C due to the virus slowly destroying the liver which eventually causes cancer to develop in some people .
Clinically , plant sterols and sterolins have been shown to halt the destruction of liver cells by normalizing IL-6 levels controlling inflammation in the liver, while stimulating the good immune factors interleukin 2 and gamma interferon which destroys the virus. Physicians who have used sterols and sterolins to treat their hepatitis patients for years have also confirmed that in 90 days the liver enzymes and viral load  normalizes..

Doctors often tell men that if they live long enough they will eventually get an enlarged prostate. Symptoms begin with frequent urination especially at night, trouble starting and stopping a urine stream or dribbling; painful ejaculation;low back pain chronic constipation or burning sensation upon urination, are among the symptoms that can occur and is something that the sterols and sterolins can help with in regards to an enlarged prostate and its symptoms..

Urologist in Germany have been using plant sterols and sterolins for over two decades to treat enlarged prostate with good results as they were found to be as good if not better than the drug proscar with improvements seen in as little 30 days. as well as PSA tests scores  returning to normal within six weeks.

Sterol and sterolins were found to halt the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestrone (DHT) which is thought to be involved in stimulating new cell deposition in the prostate causing swelling and decreased urine flow..

Fear of cervical cancer sends most women to their doctor for an annual PAP smear which will hopefully detect precancerous or cancerous cells. One cause of cervical cancer or per-cancerous lesions is the human papilloma virus HPV the same virus that causes warts on the skin.Research using sterols and sterolins  has shown that cervical lesion can be reversed to normal within three menstrual cycles

Plant sterols an and sterolins have also been shown to prevent the negative effects of chemotherapy When cancer patients began taking plant sterols and sterolins six weeks before chemotherarpy, they did not get nauseous,loose their hair,or get mouth sores,or skin lesions. It is known that phytosterols increase natural killer cell activity and the release of cancer fighting immune factor, gamma Interferon,and many more studies are underway to evaluate the tumor fighting potential of these phytosterols..

Plant sterols and sterolins may have a place in our future, which will change the way we treat disease. Instead of treating symptoms we will get directly to the source of the symptoms and will be able to repair the cause of the disease.



Rich in sterols and sterolins an instant healthy treat , no baking.



1/2 cup sunflowers
1/2 cup of sesame seeds
1/3-1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup of nut butter ( such as cashew)
1/2 of unsweetened carbo powder
1/4 cup of wheat germ or oat bran
1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut
Insert the metal blade into the bottom of your food processor and add the ingredients one at a time and blend till the mixture forms a ball. Pinch off small amounts and form into bite size balls. Your children will love to help. For effect, roll the balls in extra sesame seeds or coconut. Place in an air tight container and refrigerate .
The best method of blending is a food processor, but if you don`t own one combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and stir until the mixture is well blended. If you are feeding these treats to toddlers you should grind the seeds first in your coffee grinder.
There are so many variations you can make on this original recipe. If you are out of one of the ingredients create your own special mixture. Ground pumpkin seeds,almonds cashews,finely chopped dates, raisins, a drop of vanilla, or a pinch of cinnamon will gives these treats a new twist. Choose seeds that are raw, unsalted and not roasted.


Did You Know ?

That one teaspoon of sugar can turn off your cancer fighting Natural Killer  Cells for up to six hours


sugar 2


Why Are Fruits And Vegetables Important For Health



White Sulfur Optimizes Liver Function
Any naturally colored produce that are white, such as onions,garlic,and cauliflower are rich in sulfur compounds phytonutrients that are active key nutrients for liver enzymes which increases the output of the liver healing antioxidant gluthathione. They kick start the liver’s ability to burn stored fat for energy for 48 hours.

Red Resveratrols Turn On Skinny Genes.


When women start munching on rosy red produce every day they can easily shed up to six pounds monthly. These gems are loaded with lycopene and resveratrols – a compound that stimulates fat burning genes inside cells an energy engine that increases calorie expenditures by more than double.

Orange Carotenoids Curb Craving
By adding more orange and yellow fruits and vegetables into your diet daily can cut food intake by 20 percent. Their warm hues come from beta carotene ,lutin and other phytonutrients that can clamp down on cravings, plus it stimulates the brain’s satiety center. Also as a welcome bonus beta carotene also improves insulin sensitivity to balance blood sugar levels so is another reason to make sure you get enough of them in your daily diet.
Greens Chlorophyll Flushes Toxins
, get there green color from chlorophyll a compound that neutralizes toxins in fat and liver cells, plus it flushes the excess toxins and water weight through the lymphatic system and kidney. Studies show that a diet rich in chlorophyll can reduce toxic compounds that are stored in the fat `cells by as much as 50 % in 5 days to instantly shrink fat stores.
Purple Anthocyanins Turn Off Fat Storage
Anthocyanins is the pigments that make plums, berries, and purple cabbage so vibrant. It has the ability to turn off the enzyme that converts triglycerides and blood glucose into body fat. According to research a daily serving of purple produce can block the body’s attempt to build new fat stores which can double your weight loss.
So enjoy a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day , by doing so the health benefits become rewarding . You will melt pounds,improve your concentration, banish fatigue, steady your moods and it will leave your skin glowing and radiant., So get the benefits of all this and more,by just of eating rainbow foods.

What To Eat And Not Gain Weight



It`s true more than a third of women and a one quarter of men are still trying to loose weight. We sink billions of dollars a year into diet programs,and products hoping to find the the golden key to weight loss, only to find that it wasn`t any better than what we have tired before.

While the desire to be thin is sometimes driven by fashion preferences, being over weight can become more than just a cosmetic issue. It has clearly been linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems

However the conventional , low calorie diet isn`t an effective solution to the problem any more.. For the vast majority of people, being overweight is  caused not by how much we eat but rather by what we eat. So what to eat and not gain weight does not have to be difficult

The myth is that people get heavy by eating too many calories.Calories are a consideration, but over all they are not the cause of obesity.What seems to makes overweight people different is the amount of fat they eat, compared to thin people.who consume less fat and more complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are made of many molecules linked together as starches. When we eat the starchy part of grains, beans,fruits, and vegetables, the carbohydrates are broken apart into simple sugars, which is then absorbed and used by the body.The fats in foods easily adds up to fat on your body, while the complex carbohydrates help your body to burn calories. So what is important is to eat ample portions of the right foods that are essential to long term weight control.

Where diets go wrong. When we discover we`re heavier than we want to be,we have a natural inclination to eat less. We may skip lunch or eat a tiny bit for dinner in hopes that if we eat less our body will burn off some of its fat.But that is not necessarily true, It is quite the opposite, eating less makes it more difficult to loose weight.

Why? Cause the human body took its shape millions of years ago, and at that time there were no diets. The only low calorie event in peoples lives was starvation.Those who could cope with temporary lack of food were the ones who survived . Our bodies therefore ,have developed a built in mechanism to help us survive in the face of low food intake.

When you start a low calorie diet , you may know that you are trying to loose weight but as far as your body is concerned you are starving.Your biological defense mechanisms automatically begin to kick into action. First your metabolism slows down, then your body gets set to binge on the first available food.

Slowed  Metabolism Our bodies are always active, even when we are sleeping we are breathing, our blood is pumping, through are veins, and our minds are conjuring up dreams of  our worries and desires. When we are awakened the physical and mental activities of the day demand even more from your body`s energy.

To power all these activities, our bodies either use the energy of your daily foods or the stored energy contained in our body  fat.. The speed at which our body consumes the energy is called metabolic rate, and in periods of food shortage, the body slows down the metabolic rate to conserve energy to save as much of the fat on your body as possible until the starvation period is over because fat is the body`s fuel reserve.

The more your food intake drops the harder your body tries to keep you from loosing fat,and the effect is significant . Your metabolic rate can drop 15 to 20 percent below normal on a 500 calorie diet. This reaction is frustrating to dieters because  the longer they diet the harder it is to loose weight.

So even when your diet is over it can take weeks for your metabolism to speed up again. So when you go back to eating normally, fat is more easily accumulated.This metabolic slow down leads to the familiar yo yo dieting in which you loose weight then rebound to a higher weight than you started with,

The secret to keeping your metabolism from slowing down is to make sure your diet contains at least 10 calories  per pound of your ideal body weight. In other words if you are aiming for a weight of 120 pounds, your daily menu should contain at least 1,200 calories, if you eat less than that you run the risk of slowing down your metabolism.

Binge and restrained rating The body`s second defense against starvation is the binge.This is a an automatic mechanism ,so it gets ready to take advantage of any food source it finds and is called the”restrained eater phenomenon.Your body in effect has side stepped your brain in order to accomplish this  predictable biological phenomenon and is operating on the assumption that the food in front of you may be the only food you will have for awhile and it demands the binge.

Diets are not the only thing that leads to bingeing, skipping meals often results in over eating later in the day.So the best way to avoid binges is to not let yourself go hungry. Eat low fat snacks and meals as often as you feel you need.

Carbohydrates boost your metabolism. Most people still believe that complex carbohydrates are fattening.So they avoid starchy foods like breads, potatoes, and pasta. But it turns out carbohydrates are naturally low in calories. A gram of carbohydrates has only four calories, But a gram of fat has nine calories which is more than twice the calorie content of carbohydrates. It`s only when foods are covered with fatty toppings that they contribute to more calories in your diet.

Besides being low in calories. complex carbohydrates yet have another advantage for dieters. By consuming them they can actually boost your metabolism and speed up the burning of calories.

Your thyroid gland manufactures a hormone called T4, and is so named because it has four iodine atoms attached to it. This hormone has two possible fates. It can be converted in to active form of thyroid hormone called T3, which boost your metabolism and keeps your body burning calories.Or it can convert it into an inactive hormone called reverse T3 .with the result that your metabolism is slowed down.

When your diet is rich in carbohydrates, more of the T4 is converted into T3 which gives your metabolism a good boost. If your diet is low in carbohydrates, more of the T4 is converted into reverse T3 which slows down your metabolism.

The same thing will happen in long periods of low calorie dieting or starvation. Less of the T4 is converted into T3 and more to the reverse T3. This is the body`s way of guarding its reserves of fat; when not much food is coming in, the body conserves the fat and turns down the production of the fat burning hormone T3, but a diet generous  in carbohydrates keeps T3 levels high which keeps the fat fires burning.

Something similar also happens with another hormone called nor epinephrine, a relative of adrenaline. As the carbohydrate rich foods gradually release sugar into the body more nor -epinephrine is produced which encourages faster metabolism.

 When enough is enough Another important role of complex carbohydrates is that they are part of the cueing mechanism that tells the body when it is has enough food.Carbohydrates are the cue that the body needs to stop eating. Your body adjusts the appetite based on the carbohydrate content of the  meal you eat.So you will wind up eating more if there are fewer carbohydrates on your plate and less if there are a lot.

Also fructose a natural sugar contained in fruit plays a role in the appetite cueing process . When consumed your appetite will diminish causing you to eat less fatty foods, because of it. So eating more fruits is another  way to cut your appetite for fatty foods

Along with carbohydrates , plants also supply fiber, which contains almost no calories but adds texture to foods which makes them a food of choice because they are lower in calories and are more satisfying.

Fats a moment on your lips forever on your hips is an old saying yet it is the fastest way to add fat to your body if your diet focuses on fat based foods like, meat, dairy products,fried foods, vegetable oils, and dressings, rather than on the carbohydrate complex foods

When the body tries to store the energy from carbohydrates, it first has to chemically convert them to fat, a process that consumes 23% of its calories. So if you eat fat whether from animal fat or vegetable oil it is added to your body`s fat store with only about 3% of its calories burned in the process. And to make matters worse fat has no metabolism boosting effect and as far as your waistline is concerned fat is fat.

Focus on high carbohydrate foods for weight control A menu of beans, and vegetable naturally contains only 10% of fat. Eating only these foods will automatically eliminate  a huge number of calories from your diet , so therefore you can eat larger portions of vegetable foods without gaining weight.

Reduced craving. Once we are use to fatty foods we tend to crave them because there is a set point with them when we are use to having a certain amount. If we have too much we do not like it yet if we have less we will feel deprived. So making new adjustments will take  a few weeks but before long you can reset your taste to a lower level for fat.

Use your body Besides using low fat vegetables there’s another key to staying thin, it`s physical activity. So staying physically active has several advantages.. First all physical activities burns calories so the more you move the more calories you burn.

Second when you are physically active it resets your metabolism to burn calories more quickly and persists even beyond the period of activity.

Third when you stay active your muscles retain their mass. Muscle tissue has a rapid metabolism and even when at rest burns calories faster than other tissue.

Fourth physical activity helps keep the appetite under control but if you are over weight your appetite is less  affected by physical activity.

Fifth people who use their body are able to relax better and get a better nights sleep. When you are chronically tired and  stressed you are often attracted to unhealthy foods or other indulgences.

If following a low calorie diet has slowed your metabolism, change your dietary habits before you dramatically increase your physical activity  Even though physical activity increases metabolic rate for most people , the stress of it can actually reduce the  metabolic rate of people who have been on severe diets.

Keys to permanent weight control. Fat in our foods makes it all to easy for us to gain weight because it does not boots our calorie burning mechanism. Refined sugars and alcohol also contribute to weigh gain because they give us lots of calories without complex carbohydrates and fiber that can help us stay slim.

Low calorie dieting is no solution to the problem because it slows the metabolism and makes binges more likely.

The answer for permanent weight control is to base your diet on grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. These foods are more powerful in controlling weight than any weight loss plan. What to eat and not gain weight has never been made easier when you incorporate these foods into your everyday diet. Most people can eat all they want when they want at any time and will stay slim.




Fighting Bronchitis Naturally





If you have any concerns about chronic bronchitis, vitamin C may be all that you need to fight this condition naturally.  Incorporating more vitamin C rich foods into your diet daily can help protect the lungs from damage and consequent debilitating bronchitis.

Indeed, chronic obstructive bronchitis “known as a smokers disease” in which the air passages become inflamed and clogged with thick mucus impairs breathing as it may be partly due to a lack of of the cell – protective antioxidant  vitamin C.

A major study done on  9000 adults supports this theory, In the study it was  discovered that people who ate foods containing at least 300 milligrams of vitamin C or more a day were only 70 percent as likely to to have chronic bronchitis or asthma as those eating foods with about 100 mg, which would be the difference found in one cantaloupe  or two eight ounce glasses of orange juice.

A diet high in vitamin C is especially critical for smokers who are at a high risk for chronic obstruction bronchitis if they smoke long enough.There is a lot of research that already has been done which confirms , that smokers typically have abnormally low blood levels of vitamin C due to the body rapidly using it up in efforts to counteract the toxic oxidative  agents in cigarette smoke. It is also a fact that smokers need 3 1/2 times more vitamin C than nonsmokers just to stay even.

It appears that vitamin C could be the missing link and a partial explanation as to why 10 to 15 percent of cigarette smokers succumb to chronic obstructive lung disease but other smokers do not. Perhaps the the lucky ones don`t wreck their lungs because they blunt the smoking`s effect by taking in more antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables .Expert believe antioxidants are critical in protecting the lungs tissues from harm that can lead to chronic obstructive bronchitis and emphysema.

Foods sources that are high in vitamin C include bell peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwifruit, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, and papayas.


Hot Tips For Breathing Problems

Hot foods help clear up bronchitis, emphysema ,stuffy nose, chest congestion ,sinusitis, So next time you are congested , instead of  reaching for those menthol cough drops try some salsa instead.

Sprinkle 10- 20 drops of Tabasco sauce  in a glass of water and drink it or gargle with it.

Chew on a chili pepper

Eat any type of hot spicy  meal. Do so three times a week if breathing problems are chronic.

Add whole peeled garlic cloves to your soup. Zapping garlic in the microwave first, helps preserve the alliin the primary therapeutic substance.

Lutein Health Benefits


What you need to know  to see clearly and to enjoy stronger, healthier eyes as well as improved health  no matter what your age is, it`s the importance of lutein and its health benefits,  If you wear glasses or suffer from vision loss, then you may  already have heard of this natural substance a carotenoid pigment that is found in many of the plants that we eat.

It is a powerful antioxidant that protect your body against cellular damages. Lutein and another ,carotenoid  zeaxanthin are the most important carotenoids found in the macula the central part of the retina that is responsible for straight ahead vision.

Studies have shown that people who have poor central vision or blurry vision have low levels of lutein  and zeaxanthin in the macula. Unfortunately these carotenoids are not produced by the body so the only way to get them would be to ingest them through foods that we eat or to take supplements.

Lutein Health Benefits Are More Than Just  For Eyes

  • It protects your delicate macula and retina to maintain central vision and night vision
  • Fights free radicals from zeroing in on your eyes
  • Maintains lens focus for sharp, clear vision
  • Filters out the sun`s harmful radiation for healthy eyes
  • Improves memory
  • Helps prevent thickening of the carotid artery in the neck
  • Reduces inflammation of LDL cholesterol in arteries walls
  • Helps prevent cataracts,and macular degeneration
  • Can lower risk of osteoarthritis in the knees

     Foods That Contain lutein

red seedless grapes,broccoli,brussels sprouts, turnip greens,collards, spinach, kale,corn, corn meal, romaine lettuce, Japanese persimmons , zucchini,eggs

Health Boosters that Prevent strokes


Health Boosters that Prevent strokes strokes are the number one cause of disability nation wide and women are more prone to them than men . The latest studies show that you can easily cut your risk by 67% just by making a few life style changes, and by doing so it can become one illness that no one should fear.
Prevent clotting by quenching your thirst.  Drink 5 or more glasses of liquid a day,and your risk of stroke drops 53% . Drink water, flavored seltzer, juice, coffee, tea it does`t matter. What does matter is that by filling up fluids it thins the blood,so it is less likely to create dangerous clots,
Even better add a glass of red wine or purple grape juice to your daily quota and you can cut your risk by 60% thanks to the powerful blood thinning agents in the red grapes suggests University of Of Wisconsin Medical research.
Protect arteries with folic acid  taking 1-2 mg of this B vitamin lowers stroke risks by 21 percent  research reveals done at the New Tulane University. It works by helping break down the amino acid homocysteine which , if left unchecked , can damage artery walls in the brain which makes blood thicker causing it more likely to clot.
Keep blood flowing with red peppers. They have four four times the amount of vitamin C than oranges., A major European study revealed that having high levels of vitamin C lowers your risk of stroke by 42%. Vitamin C mops up harmful free radicals before they can cause the damage to the brain vessels that lead to plaque build up s and clots. To reap the benefits , get your C by eating at least two cups of fruits and vegetables daily . Foods high in vitamin C include broccoli, parsley, watercress,kiwis,strawberries citrus fruits and pineapple.Supplements haven`t been proven effective in the studies.
House work To The Rescue  it reduces your risks of stroke by 67%. Bonus vacuuming , sweeping or spending one hour a day doing any other active form of house duties can reduce stroke risk as much as 67% no matter what shape you are in. House work is exercise and any form of exercise keeps blood sugar triglycerides and cholesterol levels in check which can lead to healthier  blood vessels and less chances of blockages that can trigger strokes.
Control bad cholesterol with red grapefruit. High levels of LDL cholesterol can double your risk of stroke.but by  including half a red grapefruit- or drinking 6 oz of red grapefruit juice  daily lowers LDL by 20% as revealed in Israeli research . Red grape fruit is rich in Dglucaric acid. pectin, potassium and vitamin A.  These nutrients are all essential for keeping the brain arteries healthy and clear

Important If you regularly take prescriptions meds talk to your doctor or pharmacist before adding grapefruit to your diet if you regularly take prescription drugs.
Breath Easier By Doing This. Turing on your side while you sleep, It helps prevent sleep apnea a conditions that cause frequent pauses in breathing . Studies show that if left untreated it can trigger a stroke for 20% of the people who have this condition. It has been found that by simply by sleeping on your side helps keep your airways opened, cutting episodes in half and even stopping them completely for 17%  To help you stay on your side snuggle  up against a firm pillow.


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How To Improve Bone Health



Most women are aware that calcium helps protect against osteoporosis also known as the brittle bone disease. But did you know that there are at least four other vitamins and minerals that also play a role in supporting bone health? Scientist have already identified and stated that vitamin D is essential for preventing fractures and is just as important as calcium especially in the elderly.

But new research is suggests that vitamin K ,magnesium and potassium may help round out this skeleton crew. What`s troubling however are the studies that reveal that the average woman`s diet is running low in every single one of these supporting nutrients.. Do these have an effect on bone health? Absolutely it does at least in the case of vitamin D it does. Because women who have existing hip fractures have tested deficient in vitamin D.

As for the other nutrients ,a link may be emerging One study dating back as far as 1999 found that women with lower intakes of vitamin K were more likely to suffer hip fractures. Also in further studies, even dating back as far as 2000 found that women with diets low in magnesium, and potassium appeared to have thinner hip and spine bones and research done since this time have revealed similar findings so there definitely is a link to deficiencies in these nutrients that are well documented.

So there is no doubt about it. You do need calcium, 1000 milligrams a day if you are under the age of 50  and.1,500 milligrams if you are over 50 . Just don`t forget about the other skeleton crew nutrients especially vitamin D. The guide lines below tells you how much of each you will need.

Vitamin D

Your daily goal is 1,000 international units up to age 50 and 1,200 international units for age 50 plus


What resent studies say is that more than half of the average women don`t get enough

Why bones love it. It`s needed to absorb calcium from your diet and it helps to deposit calcium into the bones

Best sources in food. Milk but not other dairy products.. Some fortified breakfast cereals.  a multi vitamin for insurance.

Vitamin K

Your daily goal is100 micro grams may be best for bones
What the average woman gets is 65 milligrams
Why bones love it. It switches on the bone building protein osteocalcin
Best food sources spinach,,Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage. coleslaw, collard greens.


Your daily goal is 400 milligrams
What the average woman gets is 228 milligrams
Why bones love it. makes up part of bone needed to release parathyroid hormone to keep blood calcium levels normal
Best food sources : Nuts dried beans, crab meat , spinach,wheat germ, bran,and chocolate yes chocolate is good for you in moderate amounts


Your daily goal is 3,500 milligrams
What the average woman gets 2,237 milligrams
Why bones love it May buffer acid in the blood streams so calcium isn`t pulled from the bones
Best Food sources :Fruits,and vegetables, salmon,lobster,milk, and yogurt.


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