Quick Ways To Ease Back Pain



Everyday actions can cause most backaches which explains why one in ten of us will  feel the hurt, but there are a few proven ways that can help anyone ease back pain and avoid the ache for good.


It`s a fact that sitting puts 40% more stress on your spine than standing. So by simply walking while talking on the phone or getting up to chat with co workers instead of instant messaging can reduce pressure pain by as much as 67% according to researchers.


It`s easy to get moving for five minutes every hour or so if you set a timer to remind to take a walking break, and is what most doctors recommend to help ease pain.


It helps to d-stress your back by dreaming. Experts say,your brain sends messages to your muscles telling them to tighten up and according to experts back muscles are 20 times more sensitive to these stress signals than muscles everywhere.


You can head off trouble by finding at least 20 minutes to lie comfortably on a mat or carpet and day dream while letting your body relax Research shows that you can halve your risk of achy tense back muscles by enjoying this pleasant break . So make daydreaming a regular habit to help ease back pain


Walking can nourish the spine. Exercise increases blood flow to the discs in the spine, delivering a richer amount of the vitamins and minerals that are needed for it to remain flexible instead of brittle.Walking briskly for 30 minutes three times a week can lower  risk of chronic pain by 43%. as found in resent studies.  You don`t have walk for as long as the study subjects did  to receive the benefits, just start by doing 10 minutes of any activity such as riding a bike or dancing the key is to make it a routine to see and feel the improvements.


Be kinder to your feet because shoes without a proper arch support can throw off your center of gravity. This forces your lower back muscles to work harder to maintain a healthy posture which increases risk of back injury due to falls.

Switching to footwear with supportive insoles makes a difference according to a study.  There should be a firm padded lining in the shoe that fits snugly to the natural arch of the foot this can provide significant relief for 81% of people who suffer from backaches.


A German research found that pain in the back can be triggered or worsened by too much acidity in the bloodstream. The connection was the high acidity of foods that causes inflammation which slows down the healing of damaged muscles and nerves including the ones in the back.


What is the fix? To bring your blood back into healthier,slightly alkaline range,  by eating just three servings of low acid foods such as vegetables, whole grains, beans, flax seeds, nuts , fish and or shellfish daily


Cushion your discs in bed can be as simple, as just changing  your sleeping positions. It can take up to 55 pounds of pressure off your back which helps to avoid causing pain or aggravating pain that is already there.


There are many quick ways to ease back pain and if you are already achy you may want to try the herb devils claw..  Dozens of studies that suggest that it can relieve back pain as effectively as prescription medication.In fact researchers say taking 2g to 4 g daily can soothe even severe pain for three out of four suffers within one month.The active ingredient harpagoside, is powerful natural pain reliever and anti inflammatory. As always, check with your doctor before taking this or any other supplement.


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