Stop Migraines Naturally



6  Easy Ways To Manage Migraines


  1. Cutting Back On Fat Cuts Headaches By 74%. By having more fat in the bloodstream , the more likely it is for  hormone levels to go askew,which can be a major trigger for migraines.
  2. Q-10 Energizes Brain Cells. In a study ,half the patients who took 100 mg of Q10 three times a day,  an antioxidant known to help cells produce more energy – had 50% fewer migraines in three months then those who took a placebo.
  3. Help Relax Your Scalp With This Vitamin. Studies say that nearly 60% of  people who suffer from migraines are low in vitamin D which makes them more prone to throbbing head pain. To help you get what you need supplement with at least 400 IU of D .
  4. This Herb Can Cut Your Attacks In Half  A study found that Butterbur extract taken twice daily can cut migraines in half by blocking the inflammation that triggers pain.
  5. Turn Down Pain By Sleeping More By getting more shut eye research shows that migraines strikes 40% less often and is almost 33% less painful for people who regularly get eight hours of sleep.
  6. Try A Headache Ice Cap or an ice pack wrapped in a towel to relieve pain in 15 minutes or less

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