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Whole Grain Bread Nutrition Facts

  A slice a day of nutrient rich whole grain bread can slash a woman`s stroke rish by 43%, according to the Harvard Nurses Study, which tracked the health and diets of more than 75,000 women for 10 years.   Heat beats allergies – A new study in the Allergy and Clinical Immunology reveals that …

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Eat Nuts To Loose Weight

Eat nuts to loose weight and  keep you slim.The Journal Of Obesity reports  that snacking on a handful of tummy- filling nuts daily  can cut your risk of weight gain by 30%. Downing three or more cups of coffee daily lowers the risk of uterine cancer by more than 60% suggest a new study of …

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Stop Migraines Naturally

  6  Easy Ways To Manage Migraines   Cutting Back On Fat Cuts Headaches By 74%. By having more fat in the bloodstream , the more likely it is for  hormone levels to go askew,which can be a major trigger for migraines. Q-10 Energizes Brain Cells. In a study ,half the patients who took 100 …

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