Tips On How To Overcome Tiredness And Fatigue


What Is the hidden problem that makes most women tired.? Do you wish that you could shake that sluggish feeling, and focus more easily? Getting more iron in your diet may just do the trick. Research show that  nearly one in five women gets less than the daily minimum 18 mg  of this essential mineral and even with a borderline deficiency can trigger fatigue and fuzzy heaviness. But there is good news, you can get still get your fill by just incorporating a few things into your diet help  to overcome tiredness and fatigue.



Eat more iron rich meat. All meat has iron but certain cuts like chicken and turkey thighs and drumsticks are higher in this mineral so eat more dark meat. If you prefer steak, then look at the color, the darker it is the more iron it contains so when buying beef pick a cut such as a chuck- eye steak to help meet your daily requirements when it comes to iron


Eating more cooked veggies than raw is healthier A new study found that boiling or steaming vegetables like spinach, broccoli, green, red or yellow peppers helps to release their nutrients, including iron. It was found that you absorb up to 30% more iron than if you ate those same foods raw. Tip only cook what you`ll eat, cause research also shows that leftover vegetables lose even more of their iron content when they are refrigerated.


Hold off on the coffee and tea. You may well be eating lots of iron rich foods but still can have a deficiency if you drink coffee and tea. Research shows that coffee can block 39% of iron absorption while tea blocks 64 %. What’s the solution?  Researchers say wait two and half hours after eating before drinking anything caffeinated. If you can`t wait then sip a glass of red wine or take a 5 mg lycopene  supplement with your meal. Studies show that this compound which gives red grapes and tomatoes its color can reverse the iron robbing effects of the caffeine.


B`s to the rescue for increasing energy. Because our body uses B12 and folic acid (another form of B vitamin) to carry oxygen to red blood cells being low on either one of them can cause the same tiring effects of an iron deficiency.Taking 2.4 mcg  of B12 daily; 400 mcg of folic acid or simply taking a multivitamin can give you your daily requirements. Eating more of these foods daily can also help supply your daily needs of B12, such as clams, salmon, burgers, yogurt, and fortified cereals, and some. folic acid rich foods include the following black-eyed peas, spinach, and baked beans.


Getting more of just one nutrient may be all that is needed to feel energized and to overcome tiredness and fatigue. Sometimes it is these deficiencies that are behind the hidden problem, which is a common complaint, and the reason that most women seek medical advice for.







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