Tips On Ways To Avoid Heart Attacks

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Check your pulse to lower your risk of heart attack by 50%. Simply by keeping your resting heart rate,slow (below 70 beats per minute) can halve your risk of a heart attack so monitor your pulse quite often to keep it in an optimum  health zone to help you avoid heart attacks.


To calculate your heart rate do it first thing in the morning while lying in bed.Find your pulse rate by placing your index  and middle finger on your wrist an count the number of beats in one minute


Researchers say the risk of having a heart attack in the morning is 40% higher than later in the day. Avoid taxing your heart by giving yourself  time to get out of bed slowly rather than jumping up quickly.


Lower your risk daily with a brisk 30- minute walk .Research shows that it can reduce your resting heart rate as much as 10% cutting your heart attack risk in half. Exercise makes the heart a more efficient pump by moving oxygen- rich blood through the body without having to beat as often. So go for a walk every day and avoid


Get a foot massage to soothe your nerves. Several studies show that getting a five-minute foot or calf massage can lower the heart rate by 10 points. It works by reducing the levels of  stress hormones that rev up the heart rate. Which is a good enough reason to pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure.


Use fish oil to calm your brain- A recent review of 30 scientific studies shows that by taking 2 -4 g of fish oil daily can lower the heart rate by eight beats per minute by soothing the nervousness system. There is even a bonus when it comes to these healthy fats because they are heart protective in more ways than one.. They help control blood pressure, reduce clotting, and lower artery- clogging triglycerides  as much as 40 %. It is always important to check with your doctor before taking a new supplement


Stop shocks with earplugs. A recent study shows when you are jolted awake by noises in the night  your heart pounds an additional 13 beats per minute. To solve the problem, block out honking horns, barking dogs, and more by purchasing soft moldable earplugs from a drug store. Slip them in before drifting off to sleep to help avoid heart attacks by sudden noises in the night.


Wearing hats and scarves can be life saving. If it is cold output on those sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves.As the temperatures drop blood vessels in the body tighten to prevent heat loss – a move that can make your blood pressure and heart attack risk soar. Remember to keep cozy because it can cut your winter heart attack risk by as much as 50 %, which is more than a good enough reason to wear them and keep warm on cold winter days.





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