Ways To Deal With Feeling Fatigued All Time



Have you ever wondered why many people never seem to wake up refreshed or feel recharged by the end of the day? It seems that most will  blame it on lack of sleep, but being chronically tired very rarely is due to too little sleep. It`s due to energy zappers, and once identified you will find there are many ways to deal with feeling fatigued all the time which can help  you to never feel draggy  again.


An over worked liver is reason enough to be tired.When your liver has to work over time break down impurities in the air, food, and water, fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that we have to deal with, Our bodies are exposed to thousands of chemicals on a daily bases and is a fact that our livers can`t keep up with metabolizing all of them without some sort of help.Experts suggest drinking 2 cups of dandelion tea daily, which is sold in most health food stores. According to research the compounds in the brew trigger a 240% increase in the liver`s production of the enzymes needed to turn toxins harmless.


Just relaxing helps stress hormones to dampen the function of the energy producing adrenal glands. To cut your stress hormone levels by 30 % in three days, try spending half an hour each evening reading, chatting with friends and family or just watching TV.


An out of wack thyroid can be to blame Women have a one in 10 chance of developing and under active thyroid medically known as hypothyroidism which results in feeling fatigued all the time. Unfortunately , when thyroid hormone levels hover in the low to normal range most doctors are not willing to prescribe medications. Other red flags also include anxiety, dry skin, cold hands, cholesterol,problems and difficulty loosing weight. Experts advice is avoid cigarette smoke, it damages the thyroid which raises your risk of fatigue tenfold. Take 200 mcg of selenium daily to boost thyroid production which can  cut fatigue by as much as 60 %.


Not eating enough salt. Millions of health conscious people are cutting back on salt by not eating as much processed food and choosing to prepare meals at home using less salt or skipping it or reading labels closely looking for low sodium foods. Trouble is your adrenal glands need a pinch of salt each day to produce two of most energizing hormones  adrenaline and noradrenaline . Experts say snacking on licorice helps because it is naturally rich in glycyrrhiza glabra which boosts production of adrenal hormones, increasing energy and vitality even on a low sodium diet, For best results eat five pieces of natural licorice a day. Warning it cause blood pressure  to rise so those who have hypertension should not consume it.


Being low on iron and being just a tad short on this mineral can make you feel listless and you don`t need to have a full blown case of anemia helping you feeling fatigued all the time. Researchers say that one in five women are low in iron which cause the same bone tiredness, so making sure you have enough of this mineral is important.



Expert advice to regularly pair rich vitamin C rich foods such as tomatoes,broccoli, oranges, or berries with meat dishes to help improve iron absorption which is enough to cut fatigue in half within three months.Tip if you are taking calcium and iron supplements take them at different meals as they compete for absorption in the digestion track.



Taking a cholesterol lowering statin lowers CoQ10 researchers suggest that a downside of statins is that they cut the body`s formation in half of this antioxidant in half and fatigue is one of the first symptoms of CoQ10 short falls.So talk your doctor about taking 100 mg of CoQ10 along with them  to help you deal with the feeling of fatigue all the time.






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