Whole Grain Bread Nutrition Facts



A slice a day of nutrient rich whole grain bread can slash a woman`s stroke rish by 43%, according to the Harvard Nurses Study, which tracked the health and diets of more than 75,000 women for 10 years.


Heat beats allergies – A new study in the Allergy and Clinical Immunology reveals that 75% of children who have cow`s milk allergy can tolerate milk if it`s heated! High temperatures destroy the proteins that trigger a reaction.


Simply stepping outside for 20 minutes of sun exposure increases alertness , according to a study in Journal Current Biology


Omega`s 3s  tames hot flashes. Healthy fats in fish, flax seed and walnuts help halt flashes,by regulating brain chemicals. Canadian researches say, Rx 1,000 mgs three times a day.

D vit 27
New vitamin D guidelines – The American Acadamey of Pediatrics has just doubled its reccommended dose of vitamin D for infants, children and teens to 400 IU`s daily
Apparently  shaking does the body a whole lot of good. A study in Current Sports Medicine Reports reveals that standing on one of those whole body vibration platforms for just six minutes three times a week, in a squat position, strengthen muscles and increases hip bone density.


An additive for weight gain!.- People who eat foods that contain  are up to three times more likely to be over weight compared to those who don`t consume it. Check labels on all processed foods, dressing and seasonings

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