Why Are Fruits And Vegetables Important For Health



White Sulfur Optimizes Liver Function
Any naturally colored produce that are white, such as onions,garlic,and cauliflower are rich in sulfur compounds phytonutrients that are active key nutrients for liver enzymes which increases the output of the liver healing antioxidant gluthathione. They kick start the liver’s ability to burn stored fat for energy for 48 hours.

Red Resveratrols Turn On Skinny Genes.


When women start munching on rosy red produce every day they can easily shed up to six pounds monthly. These gems are loaded with lycopene and resveratrols – a compound that stimulates fat burning genes inside cells an energy engine that increases calorie expenditures by more than double.

Orange Carotenoids Curb Craving
By adding more orange and yellow fruits and vegetables into your diet daily can cut food intake by 20 percent. Their warm hues come from beta carotene ,lutin and other phytonutrients that can clamp down on cravings, plus it stimulates the brain’s satiety center. Also as a welcome bonus beta carotene also improves insulin sensitivity to balance blood sugar levels so is another reason to make sure you get enough of them in your daily diet.
Greens Chlorophyll Flushes Toxins
, get there green color from chlorophyll a compound that neutralizes toxins in fat and liver cells, plus it flushes the excess toxins and water weight through the lymphatic system and kidney. Studies show that a diet rich in chlorophyll can reduce toxic compounds that are stored in the fat `cells by as much as 50 % in 5 days to instantly shrink fat stores.
Purple Anthocyanins Turn Off Fat Storage
Anthocyanins is the pigments that make plums, berries, and purple cabbage so vibrant. It has the ability to turn off the enzyme that converts triglycerides and blood glucose into body fat. According to research a daily serving of purple produce can block the body’s attempt to build new fat stores which can double your weight loss.
So enjoy a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day , by doing so the health benefits become rewarding . You will melt pounds,improve your concentration, banish fatigue, steady your moods and it will leave your skin glowing and radiant., So get the benefits of all this and more,by just of eating rainbow foods.

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