Why Is Chicken Soup Good For A Cold ?


Have you ever wondered why our mothers and grandmothers have told us that chicken soup was good for a cold and where the history for the remedy came from?
Turns out that the first authoritative endorsement for chicken soup came from an eminent 12th century physician named Moses Maimonides, who had originally prescribed it to one of his patients for asthma.
Never mind that chicken soup used fat old hens and had no garlic in those days but it still did some good, because it does have true medicinal properties , and is why chicken soup is good for you.
Chicken soup like most protein foods, contains a natural amino acid called cysteine which is released when you make the soup. Cysteine’s has a remarkable chemical similarity to a drug called acetylcystenie , which doctors prescribe to their patients for bronchitis and respiratory infections.
Pharmacologically ,acetylcystenie , ,like other mucokinetics, thins down mucus in the lungs making it easier to expel. Also there is an aromatic substance in chicken soup that helps clear the airways.Marvin

Marvin Snacker,MD,a pulmonary specialist made, famous for his chicken soup study published in 1978 in the medical Journal Chest,He was  skeptical if “Jewish penicillin”would fight cold symptoms any better than hot water.So in the study Snacker had 15 healthy men and women sip hot chicken soup, hot water, or cold water. Five minutes and 30 minutes later , he measured the rate at which mucus and air flowed through the subjects nasal passages.
To Snacker`s surprise the chicken soup was better at fighting congestion than the hot or cold water.and further noted that even the  chicken vapors were far superior to the hot water.In conclusion,to the findings in the study, it found that cold chicken soup did clear a cold in your nose, but if it  is hot and steamy it would clear it even faster and more efficiently,
If you want an even more super congestion fighting soup ,add lots of garlic, onion, pepper and hot spices such as curry, or hot chilies to turn it into the best cold remedy that you can find. Note : It`s better to sip chicken soup than drink it because the therapeutic effects last half an hour, so you need a continual slow intake of the soup`s therapeutic agents to work,which is why chicken soup is good for you..



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