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Did your mother know what she was talking about when she said eat your fruits and vegetables? Fresh vegetables,fruits, seeds and nuts not only provide fiber , vitamins and minerals but they are also rich in a powerful  disease fighting nutrient called phytonutrient. Phyto comes from the Greek word meaning plant.This biologically active substance is what gives plants their color,flavor and its natural resistance to disease. Phytonutrients enhance the immune function,slow the aging process and combats cancer, which is  only a few of the amazing benefits that this plant has to offer our health.

Phyosterols are the most researched plant nutrients next to carotenoids with over 4000 published studies Phytosterols include beta sitosterol and its( glucoside beta sitosterlion) campesterol sigmasterol,ergosterol,and avenasterol which are called sterols and sterolins for short. They have the most exciting disease prevention and treatment applications.which was first researched and evaluated in 1922 for their anti cancer effects. These sterols are found abundantly in all plant material and shell fish,with all raw unprocessed nuts,seeds and their oils containing the  richest sources.

Unfortunately, standard food processing  methods  destroy the sterols and sterolins stripping the finished product of any of its health supporting properties.It is also destroyed by freezing fruits and vegetables as well as boiling which causes the sterolins to be released in the water.


Fresh, live foods should make up the bulk of your diet to ensure you are getting adequate supplies of phytosterols.Add seven to ten half cup servings of organic fruits and vegetables should provide you with a good foundation.If you are not eating enough plant matter, food supplements contains phytosterols can be added to your diet which can be found in many health food stores.
Sterols have been called the forgotten nutrient even though thousands of studies have been done on this nutrient it has not gotten the recognition it surely deserves. Rheumatoid arthritis,cervical cancer, diabetes,immune function  prostate problems, HIV, herpes,hepatitis C allergies, chronic fatigue, are only a few disease of many in which sterols and sterolins have been shown to be effective for.


Sterols have been shown to have rapid cholesterol lowering effects. Betasitosterol is similar in structure to cholesterol except that is has an extra  ethyl group on the side chain.Due to its similarity it interferes with the absorption of cholesterol found in our foods as well as the cholesterol that is produced by our bodies. If we include these foods or supplements that contain sterols we can normalize cholesterol much faster than with cholesterol lowering drugs which has been reported in over 400 studies..
Hepatitis C is a disease that has been  increasing by numbers over the lasts few decades and liver specialist have become over whelmed, as they struggle to deal with its rising numbers in the population.and is still the leading cause of liver transplants in North America. Most patients over time will develop chronic hepatitis C due to the virus slowly destroying the liver which eventually causes cancer to develop in some people .
Clinically , plant sterols and sterolins have been shown to halt the destruction of liver cells by normalizing IL-6 levels controlling inflammation in the liver, while stimulating the good immune factors interleukin 2 and gamma interferon which destroys the virus. Physicians who have used sterols and sterolins to treat their hepatitis patients for years have also confirmed that in 90 days the liver enzymes and viral load  normalizes..

Doctors often tell men that if they live long enough they will eventually get an enlarged prostate. Symptoms begin with frequent urination especially at night, trouble starting and stopping a urine stream or dribbling; painful ejaculation;low back pain chronic constipation or burning sensation upon urination, are among the symptoms that can occur and is something that the sterols and sterolins can help with in regards to an enlarged prostate and its symptoms..

Urologist in Germany have been using plant sterols and sterolins for over two decades to treat enlarged prostate with good results as they were found to be as good if not better than the drug proscar with improvements seen in as little 30 days. as well as PSA tests scores  returning to normal within six weeks.

Sterol and sterolins were found to halt the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestrone (DHT) which is thought to be involved in stimulating new cell deposition in the prostate causing swelling and decreased urine flow..

Fear of cervical cancer sends most women to their doctor for an annual PAP smear which will hopefully detect precancerous or cancerous cells. One cause of cervical cancer or per-cancerous lesions is the human papilloma virus HPV the same virus that causes warts on the skin.Research using sterols and sterolins  has shown that cervical lesion can be reversed to normal within three menstrual cycles

Plant sterols an and sterolins have also been shown to prevent the negative effects of chemotherapy When cancer patients began taking plant sterols and sterolins six weeks before chemotherarpy, they did not get nauseous,loose their hair,or get mouth sores,or skin lesions. It is known that phytosterols increase natural killer cell activity and the release of cancer fighting immune factor, gamma Interferon,and many more studies are underway to evaluate the tumor fighting potential of these phytosterols..

Plant sterols and sterolins may have a place in our future, which will change the way we treat disease. Instead of treating symptoms we will get directly to the source of the symptoms and will be able to repair the cause of the disease.



Rich in sterols and sterolins an instant healthy treat , no baking.



1/2 cup sunflowers
1/2 cup of sesame seeds
1/3-1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup of nut butter ( such as cashew)
1/2 of unsweetened carbo powder
1/4 cup of wheat germ or oat bran
1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut
Insert the metal blade into the bottom of your food processor and add the ingredients one at a time and blend till the mixture forms a ball. Pinch off small amounts and form into bite size balls. Your children will love to help. For effect, roll the balls in extra sesame seeds or coconut. Place in an air tight container and refrigerate .
The best method of blending is a food processor, but if you don`t own one combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and stir until the mixture is well blended. If you are feeding these treats to toddlers you should grind the seeds first in your coffee grinder.
There are so many variations you can make on this original recipe. If you are out of one of the ingredients create your own special mixture. Ground pumpkin seeds,almonds cashews,finely chopped dates, raisins, a drop of vanilla, or a pinch of cinnamon will gives these treats a new twist. Choose seeds that are raw, unsalted and not roasted.


Did You Know ?

That one teaspoon of sugar can turn off your cancer fighting Natural Killer  Cells for up to six hours


sugar 2


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